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The American Statistical Association publishes three magazines and eight professional journals that cover various areas of statistical theory and application.

The articles below are reprinted from a selection of these publications:

A Cure for the Electoral College?
Many voters think the only good Electoral College is a dead one, and they want it replaced by a national popular vote. But that reform will not happen, because it would require either a constitutional amendment that the small states would not tolerate or other maneuvers that have bleak prospects. A practical proposal for change has to appear attractive to the heavy majority of states, both large and small. With the modesty characteristic of professors, Arnold Barnett and Edward H. Kaplan offer an approach they believe might have such an appeal in CHANCE.

Also, read an interview with the authors.

Statistics Can Help Ensure Accurate Elections
Through the American Statistical Association's Science and Public Affairs Advisory Committee and special interest group on volunteerism, a number of statisticians are working to improve the accuracy of elections. What follows is a summary of the role statistics play in elections. Work is ongoing to address these points in detail. Read this column from Amstat News.

PGA Tour Pro: Long but Not so Straight
During recent years on the PGA Tour, there have been significant technological advancements in both golf balls and clubs. As a result, today's PGA Tour players are hitting the ball farther than ever before. Golf course designers are conscious of these increased distances and are designing longer courses in response. Golf course design is trying to keep up with the increased distance, but with the ball traveling so much farther and PGA Tour pros playing on increasingly longer courses, has the importance of individuals' golf skills changed during this time?

Statistics and Counterterrorism
Terrorism has both national and international aspects to it, and it manifests itself in numerous ways, giving rise to a host of technical challenges. Thus, it is no surprise that the threat is of great concern to many branches of government. Statistical science can help mitigate the risks involved.

NCSU Statistics Professor Surprises Students with Hidden Homer Simpson in Homework Assignments
Len Stefanski, professor of statistics at North Carolina State University, has developed a clever way to impress upon students the importance of regression analysis while also teaching good statistical practice.

Villanova Math Professor's Study Finds That Higher Batting Averages Don't Always Mean Better Hitting Ability
Using a once controversial statistical method called Bayesian analysis, a Villanova University professor has determined that a lower batting average can indicate better hitting ability than a higher batting average.

Data Integrity and the Scientific Method: The Case of Bullet Lead Data as Forensic Evidence
Are bullets found at crime scenes traceable enough to be admissible in court? Read all about it.

Driving While Black in the City of Angels
Does profiling affect Los Angeles police stops and searches? Find out in this article from the Spring 2006 issue of CHANCE.

Just How Predictable Are the Oscars?
And the winner is …

Afraid to Discuss Evolution?
Could 41% of the biology teachers in Louisiana really reject evolution?

Who Wants Airbags?
Government studies show that airbags save lives. A new study shows the opposite.

Statistical Sleuthing During Epidemics: Maternal Influenza and Schizophrenia
Is schizophrenia related to birth date? This article presents data and possible confounding variables.