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2016 ASA News Releases

August 3, 2016 Statistical Method Used to Detect, Correct Publication Bias Can Prevent Misrepresentation, Influence Judicial Decisions
August 3, 2016 Medians, Shoulders and Lanes, Oh My! Statistical Application in Roadway Engineering Shows Promise to Improve Safety
August 2, 2016 ASA Recognizes Four Leading Statistics Professionals with Prestigious Founders Award at Joint Statistical Meetings
August 2, 2016 Lack of Federal Funding, Research + Political Influence Yields Little Data, Confidence to Prevent Gun Violence
August 2, 2016 Assessing Impact, Risk for Agriculture from Severe Weather Threats Could Be Easier with New Statistical Methodology
August 1, 2016 Statistical Methods Prove Key to Quantifying, Addressing and Eradicating Modern Slavery Across Diverse Cultures, Economies
July 31, 2016 And the Award Goes to ... American Statistical Association Presents 2016 Awards at Joint Statistical Meetings
July 31, 2016 ASA Presents Physical Sciences Writer Natalie Wolchover with 2016 Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award
July 31, 2016 Carnegie Mellon’s Dunn and Notre Dame’s Bowen Receive 2016 Gertrude M. Cox Scholarships at Joint Statistical Meetings
June 23, 2016 Leading Statisticians Establish Guidelines to Improve Multidisciplinary Research, Convey Statistics as Science Not Toolbox
June 20, 2016 ASA Bestows Fellows Designation on 65 Members
June 6, 2016 FDA's LaVange Elected President, ASA
May 16, 2016 UCLA's Onyebuchi Arah and the Karolinska Institutet's Arvid Sjölander to Receive $10,000 Causality in Statistics Education Award
May 11, 2016 ASA Expands Scope, Outreach to Foster Growth, Collaboration in Data Science
May 3, 2016 ASA Joins Forces with IEEE and ACM to Conduct the 2016 International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics
March 7, 2016 American Statistical Association Releases Statement on Statistical Significance and P-Values
January 19, 2016 American Statistical Association Requests Nominations for Its Excellence in Statistical Reporting Award
January 18, 2016 Statistician Projected As Top 10 Fastest-Growing Job
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