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Letters Signed/Sent

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  • Policy:

    • ASA President supports nomination of Dr. Robert Califf to be commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and urges swift confirmation, 11/18/15.
    • ASA joins letter urging reauthorization of the Census Bureau's Quarterly Financial Report (QFR), 10/9/15.
    • ASA joins with a dozen other organizations applauding the introduction of the House Resolution on environment stewardship, H.Res. 424, 9/25/15
    • ASA signs onto letter in support of Bureau of Transportation Statistics in new trasnportation bill: Lipinski 7/10/15; Thune 7/15/15.
    • ASA President Elect sends Congress letter opposing the proposed termination of the Agency for Health Research and Quality: Senate 6/29/15; House 6/29/15; Senate 10/22/15; House 10/22/15.
    • ASA President sends letter to Attorney General Lynch and letter to House and Senate Judiciary Committee leadership regarding the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 6/4/15.
    • ASA President submits comments to OMB on its draft guidance to implement the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), 5/29/15.
    • ASA President sends letter to NIH director on importance and benefits of engaging statisticians on Precision Medicine Initiative, 4/29/15; reply from NIH Deputy Director of Science, Outreach, and Policy Kathy Hudson; 10/20/15.
    • ASA signs onto letter to House leadership discouraging provisions that might limit federal government's access to the best available climate science, 4/24/15.
    • ASA signs onto letter to House Science, Space and Technology Committee Leadership expressing concern over NSF provisions, 4/21/15.
    • ASA President sends letter to Congress regarding "Secret Science Reform Act of 2015", 2/25/15, 3/5/15. Background at this ASA Community blog entry.
    • ASA Comments on importance of American Community Survey question on undergraduate field of degree, 12/12/14.
    • ASA joins others in letter to Congress urging "support for the competitive peer review process used by the National Institutes of Health." House 12/2/14; Senate 12/2/14.
    • ASA President Elect sends letter to Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regarding his action on the book, ""How to Lie with Statistics": 10/20/14. (For context, see this news story, this Congressional hearing clip, and this statement from the VA Secretary.)
    • ASA President Elect sends letters to Congress regarding "Secret Science Reform": House 9/5/14; Senate 9/5/14.
    • ASA signs letter expressing concerns about current and proposed restrictions on the ability of federal and contractor scientists and engineers to participate in scientific and technical conferences: 7/29/14; 9/8/14; 4/21/15, 7/23/15, 8/10/15, 8/10/15.
    • ASA signs letter to Senators to strengthen NCES autonomy and stature, 7/9/14, OMB 9/16/14.
    • ASA provides comments on proposed Statistical Policy Directive: Fundamental Responsibilities of Federal Statistical Agencies and Recognized Statistical Units, 7/9/14.
    • The ASA sends letter to Argentine officials inquiring on status of criminal and civil charges regarding independent publication of economic statistical data; 6/3/14. For background, see the December 2012 Amstat News article, "Politics and Statistics Collide in Argentina."
    • ASA signs onto testimony for Senate hearing on "Innovation Deficit" (the notion that we haven't been investing enough in basic research), 4/29/14.
    • The ASA provides written comments to the newly formed National Commission on Forensic Science, 4/23/14.
    • The ASA joins scores of other organizations in voicing serious concerns with H.R. 4186, a House science committee bill to reauthorize NSF, 3/12/14; 3/31/14.
    • ASA President-Elect sends letter to Senator Rockefeller supporting his efforts on forensic science reform, 3/3/14.
    • ASA joins MRA letter to Missouri legislator whose bill in the Missouri legislature would classify telephone surveys as telemarketing; 2/5/14.
    • ASA signs onto letter in support of Data Compatibility in Senate Finance Committee draft bill, 1/17/14.
    • The ASA signs onto letter reacting to House science committee's draft bill re-authorizing the National Science Foundation, 12/19/13.
    • ASA signs onto AAAS letter to House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith expressing support for "the important contribution social and behavioral sciences research brings to critical societal issues." 10/16/13.
    • ASA signs onto letter to Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Chairman and Ranking Member urging they introduce and pass "a strong America COMPETES Act reauthorization bill that authorizes increased funding for key U.S. science agencies." 10/9/13, 8/12/15.
    • ASA signs STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Coalition letter to House Judiciary Committee to support STEM education in immigration bill, 8/1/13.
    • ASA Presidents thank North Carolina U.S. Senator Hagan for her Senate Resolution designating 2013 as the International Year of Statistics, 6/4/13.
    • ASA supports nomination of John H. Thompson for Census Director: 5/30/13.
    • ASA signs onto letter to House science committee urging the committee to avoid legislative attempts that could undermine NSF merit review process, 5/20/13.
    • The ASA signs onto letters to directors of U.S. Office of Personnel Management and U.S. Office of Government Ethics urging completion of a federal rule that would facilitate federal scientists serving in professional association leadership and governance: OPM 2/7/13, OGE 2/7/13. For background, see these ASA Community blog entries: 6/20/11; 1/3/11.
    • ASA sends letter in support of white paper, "Risk-Limiting Post-Election Audits: Why and How," written by a group organized by ASA Member Philip Stark and suggesting election officials and others follow its guidance in implementing risk-limiting audits, 11/8/12.
    • ASA President-Elect Marie Davidian sends letter to NIH Director Francis Collins in support of building quantitative science work force capacity in biomedical research and offering ASA's help, 11/1/12.
    • ASA and RSS send letter expressing concern for criminal prosecution of scientists in L'Aquila earthquake case, 10/25/12.
    • ASA congratulates the Bureau of Transportation Statistics on its 20th anniversary, 10/15/12.
    • ASA sends letter to U.S. State Department regarding Argentine mistreatment of statisticians and economists producing independent price data, 9/7/12.
    • ASA sends letter to Argentine Government in response to its statement to ASA regarding 2012 JSM session on Repression of Statistics, Statisticians and Economists by the Argentine Government: 8/9/12 (Spanish translation of ASA response).
    • ASA President sends letter to Senator Rockefeller supporting his efforts on forensic science reform, 7/25/12.
    • ASA signs: i) letter to OMB opposing House policy rider prohibiting incentives on some federal surveys, 6/28/12; ii) letter to House opposing policy rider prohibiting NIH funds be used for prohibits the NIH to use funds "for any economic research programs, projects or activities,", 7/30/12; iii) letter to Congress opposing elimination of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), 7/30/12.
    • ASA signs letter opposing: restrictions on government employees' abilities to attend meetings and conferences: House version, 5/21/12, Senate version, 5/21/12.
    • ASA signs letter urging urging the restoration of the salary limit imposed on extramural NIH researchers to Level I of the Executive pay scale, 5/16/12.
    • ASA signs letter to Congress opposing restrictions on government employees' participation in meetings and conferences: 5/6/12.
    • ASA submits comments in response to the CBMS The Mathematical Education of Teachers II (MET2) draft: 5/1/12.
    • ASA President sends letter of concern for making American Community Survey voluntary: 3/5/12; group letter.
    • ASA signs STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education Coalition letter to House Education and Workforce Committee about lack of STEM components in ESEA/NCLB reauthorization bills, 2/10/12.
    • ASA signs letter of support for H.R. 4945/S. 3167: "Census Oversight Efficiency and Management Reform Act of 2010" to make the U.S. Census Bureau more autonomous and to make its director�s term a fixed, five-year appointment, 3/26/10 (updated 4/19/10); 12/10/10 (updated 12/13/10).
    • ASA President sends letter to DOT official on make-up of Advisory Committee on Transportation Statistics, 5/28/10.
    • ASA signs onto letter opposing provisions of GRANT Act, 2/13/12.
    • ASA submits the comments of the ASA Privacy and Confidentiality Committee the OSTP request for information, "Public Access to Digital Data Resulting from Federally Funded Scientific Research," 1/12/12.
    • ASA president sends letters to Senate Committee chairmen on forensic science reform: Leahy 3/31/2011; Rockefeller 3/31/2011. See also 2010 ASA Board Statement on Forensic Science and June 2010 letter to Chairman Leahy; Rockefeller & Hutchison 12/20/2011.

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