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Section on Nonparametric Statistics

The objective of this section is to provide a forum for Association members with interests in flexible statistical methods that make only minimal assumptions on the underlying population or modeling structure. Focus areas include, but are not limited to, distribution free, nonparametric and semiparametric methods, and methods for high-dimensional and functional data. The section embraces the myriad of methodologies, philosophies and applications that comprise contemporary nonparametric statistics, seeks to promote research, education and training in them and to build cooperative relationships within and outside the ASA with those who have interest in nonparametrics.


- Here are the 2015 finalists for student best paper award.

Congratulations to the award winners for their accomplishments!
The Section on Nonparametric Statistics thanks the award committee chair Colin Wu and all the referees for their excellent job in evaluating and selecting the papers.

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