Call for Papers
49th Annual Fall Technical Conference

Statistics: The Gateway to Improved Quality

October 20-21, 2005
St. Louis Hilton at the Airport, St. Louis, MO

Co-sponsored by:
    American Society for Quality
        Chemical and Process Industry Division
        Statistics Division
    American Statistical Association
        Section on Physical and Engineering Sciences
        Quality & Productivity Section

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We invite you to submit papers for presentation to the 49th Fall Technical Conference. The Fall Technical Conference has long been a forum for both statistics and quality. The goal of this conference is to engage researchers and practitioners in a dialogue that leads to more effective use of statistics to improve quality.

Achieving higher quality levels is a requirement in todayís dynamic global economy. Successful organizations deliver quality products and/or services. These organizations must focus not only on improving existing products and processes but also on the development of new products and processes. Establishing clear quantitative quality measures enables us to improve and achieve quality. Effective use of statistics permits the interpretation of data to improve and achieve quality. The conference will serve to bring innovations in statistical methodologies and quality tools to the forefront. Papers submitted to this conference typically include novel developments in the area of quality or applications of more established approaches in an innovative way.

The conference will be held in St. Louis, a city with many attractions. They include a cruise on the mighty Mississippi, a ride to the top of the Gateway Arch for a birdís eye view of St. Louis, or seeking Lady Luck on a riverboat casino.

If youíre interested in presenting an applied or expository paper in any of three parallel sessions (Statistics, Quality Control or Tutorial/Case Studies) contact any of the committee members listed below, preferably by e-mail. Work should be strongly justified by application to a problem in engineering, manufacturing, process/chemical industry, physical sciences, or a service industry. The mathematical level of the papers may range from basic to that of the Journal of Quality Technology or Technometrics.

Submission deadline is March 7, 2005.

Committee Members:

Joseph G. Pigeon
Villanova University
(610) 519-7347
Martha Gardner
General Electric Global Research
(518) 387-6546
Erika Abbas
E Ink Corporation
(617) 499-6049
Gordon Clark (Chair)
Ohio State University
(614) 847-1394

It is important to follow the abstract format (provided below). Papers are selected based on subject matter, technical correctness, usefulness, interest, clarity, and readability.

The program committee welcomes any suggestions for special session topics or speakers. If you have ideas, please contact one of the program committee listed on the Call for Papers.

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Abstract Format
(use only a single page please)

Title of Presentation

First Author
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paper mail address
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Second Author
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fax number
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Third Author
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Presenter: Name of presenter

Keywords: Include 3 to 5 key words or phrases

Purpose: One sentence. To derive, prove, synthesize, review, present, inform, encourage, motivate, enlighten, exemplify, highlight, etc.

Abstract The abstract should include the following 3 components:

  1. Motivation or Background.
  2. Description: Describe the work done.
  3. Significance: Are there improvements, applications, new abilities, new points of view, etc.?  How will the status quo be changed?

Session Preference: (choose one)
____ Statistics
____ Quality Control
____ Tutorial/Case Study

Where did you learn about the Call for Papers?
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____ ASQ-CPID newsletter
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