Minutes from Last General Business Meeting

August 16, 1995

The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Seymour Sudman.

 Treasurer's Report
Terry DeMaio presented a treasurer's report that showed that the section is running a deficit in 1995. However, the SRM treasury maintains a balance of $34,393.75 as of 6/30/95.

 ASA Conference
Nancy Mathiowetz reported that there were 5 invited sessions, 11 special contributed sessions, and 21 regular contributed sessions, 5 luncheon roundtables sponsored by SRM at the meetings. Two hundred contributed papers were received. Nancy expressed concern about the number of papers that were withdrawn within the last two weeks before the conference. There were 15-20 late withdrawals, which resulted in holes in some sessions as well as a need to produce errata sheets.

 Cathy Dippo reported that five roundtables have been organized for next year's meetings. There will be six invited paper sessions next year, and work to plan them is underway.

Nine new SRM fellows were elected this year. Next year Jon Rao will be the chair of the Fellows Committee.

 Other Conferences
The Bristol Conference on Survey Measurement and Process Quality was successful, with 360 registrants in attendance. The next conference in the series will be the InterCASIC Conference. It will be held in San Antonio, Texas in December l996. Abstracts for the monograph will be accepted until the end of August.

Bill Kalsbeek reported that we are holding the line on the price of the ASA Proceedings volumes. He noted a need to monitor the effect of going from 1 to 2 volumes, which occurred in 1993 when the section began including relevant papers presented at the AAPOR annual conference. This year 50 of the 54 abstracts submitted by authors of AAPOR papers will be included in the proceedings.

Bill also noted that in the recent past, SRM's column in the Section News item in the AmStat News has focused on lesser-known large-scale sample surveys and censuses. That series of articles is ready to be phased out, and he is looking for new ideas.

 SRMSnet is up and running. There was an article about it in the July issue of AmStat News. Many thanks were expressed to Bob Groves, whose hard work was instrumental in putting the network into place.

 The ASA Council of Sections is trying to set up home pages for each section. Bill Kalsbeek is SRM's liaison to that planning effort. SRM contributed $500, since ASA did not have a line item in their budget to cover these costs. The Executive Committee was not willing to make further expenditures pending further information.

 There is a newly-updated pamphlet that describes the activities and services of the SRM section. Copies are available from the ASA office.

Wendy Alvey noted that she is open to suggestions for content for the SRMS newsletter. Seymour Sudman expressed his thanks to Wendy for making the newsletter one of the best in ASA.

 "What Is A Survey" Pamphlets
Fritz Scheuren discussed his efforts to revise and expand the "What is A Survey?" pamphlet. A revision of the original pamphlet has been completed, and copies are available. Fritz views this as a work in progress, and as such it will be revised periodically. Two additional pamphlets, one on "How to Collect Survey Data" and "How to Plan a Survey," are at the printer. A fifth pamphlet, "What Are the Main Sources of Survey Error?," is in preparation by Bill Kalsbeek. A sixth pamphlet, "What About Surveys in the Media?," is in preparation by Victor Cohn.

 The SRM section is paying for the first printing of all these pamphlets; ASA will pick up the tab after that. All section members will receive copies, with the first three pamphlets being mailed at the same time. Additional copies will be available to members (and others) for $1.00 apiece.

Seymour Sudman expressed his thanks to Fritz for all his hard work to bring these pamphlets to fruition.

 Research Industry Coalition
Innes Sande discussed the new industry code developed by the Research Industry Coalition (RIC), a coalition of many different organizations that conduct research. She described the background of the member organizations, ranging from the American Statistical Association, to the National Council on Public Polls, to the Travel and Tourism Research Association. She also talked about the task of reviewing codes of member associations and formulating a "motherhood" document that all members could subscribe to. There was discussion about whether ASA should be approving such a simplistic code, and whether SRM should abstain from voting on the code. It was agreed that an article should be included in the newsletter to inform people about the RIC code and start a perhaps start a discussion about it.

 New Officers
New officers for next year were introduced. Kirk Wolter is the president-elect-elect (the president-elect starting in January) and Mary Mulry is the program chair-elect. Kirk will chair the nominating committee for next year's elections, and Mary will be in charge of the roundtables for next year's conference.

 David Binder, whose term as president begins in January 1996, encouraged people to use SRMSnet and other vehicles to communicate with him regarding the agenda for next year. He also gave a plug for the 12th Annual Symposium at Statistics Canada, to be held November 1-3, 1996, focusing on "From Data to Information: Methods and Systems."

 New Business
There have been no SRM short courses in the last 2 years. However, we now have a section member (Steve Miller) on the committee. Let him have any suggestions for short course topics.

 SRM has accumulated a surplus in the treasury over the last few years. We are using that surplus to publish the "What is A Survey?" pamphlets. Other suggestions for appropriate expenditures are welcome.

 Meeting Adjourned: 7:07 p.m.

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