Minutes of the August 12, 1998, ASA Survey Research Methods Section (SRMS) Business Meeting


Meeting called to order: 5:30 p.m.


Approximately 75 members were present.


1. Results of recent election


Our sectionís new officers are Brenda Cox (Chair-Elect), John Eltinge (Program Chair-Elect), Keith Rust (Treasurer) and Sharon Lohr (Publications Officer).


2. Financial report


Lars Lyberg gave the treasurerís report. SRMS ended calendar year 1997 with a 2,383 USD deficit (predicted deficit was 5,200 USD), mainly due to large costs for printing, postage and proceedings costs. Our main revenue came from proceedings sales and survey books (revenue down 1,100 USD from 1996). Our sectionís general financial state is that we have 24,000 USD cash on hand at the end of 1997. So far this year we have a net surplus of 4,600 USD and our current cash on hand has increased to 28,500 USD.


Our 1998 budget predicts a 1,200 USD deficit. Potential seed money are not included in that figure.


3. The 1998 program


Betsy Martin gave a report on number of sessions and papers by session category.


Current ASA session procedures should be improved. Competition with some 4 p.m. events are not allowed and discussions are not encouraged.


4. The 1999 program


Nat Schenker reported that 10 suggestions for invited paper sessions already had been submitted. More suggestions for all types of sessions were encouraged.


5. The program for 2000


John Eltinge welcomed suggestions for sessions.


6. Council of sections


Carol House reported on the following


a) All sections should have business plans

b) Two new survey conferences are underway. The one on nonresponse in Portland, October

1999 and ICES II in Buffalo, 2000.

c) The ASA constitution will be somewhat revised.

d) Directory information is being updated.

e) Journal costs are up.

f) First year membership of ASA will be free.

g) A best section award will be instituted.


7. New ASA fellows


Mary Mulry presented the outcome.


Our section got 11 new fellows: Bob Bell, Dwight Brock, Barbara Bryant, Ron Fecso, Subir Ghosh, Chien-Pai Han, Mike Hidiroglou, Arthur Kennickell, Paul Levy, Betsy Martin and Lynne Stokes.


The meeting congratulated the new fellows.


Phil Kott made some remarks regarding the nomination process. It helps if sections help promote candidates. Other sections should be benchmarked about their processes. Contributions to our section should be cited. Fellow criteria can be found on the ASA website.


8. Short courses


Suggestions for future short courses should be sent to Barry Granbard.


9. Newsletter


Trena stays as editor for one more year.


10. New initiatives


A committee on the issue of corporate membership has been formed. Corporate membership can help fund awards. The committee consists of Betsy, Kirk and Bob. The business meeting added Don to the list.


11. Conferences


Bob distributed the call for contributed papers to the nonresponse conference. Rod Little welcomed suggestions regarding software display at the conference. Brenda Cox announced the ICES II conference and its call for papers.


12. Other business


Wendy Alvey announced that the newest contribution to our pamphlet series, "margin of errors", is out.


Chuck Proctor asked the participants about contributions to our Newsletter and AmStat News.


Don thanked the participants of the business meeting and all those who devote their time and energy to serve our section.