Previous Recipients of Shiskin Award for Economic Statistics

2013 - John C. Haltiwanger, Distinguished University Professor of Economics at the University of Maryland, and Maurine Haver, President and founder of Haver Analytics Inc., , for initiatives to educate users and producers of key federal economic statistics.

2012 - William D. Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University,, for his contributions to the measurement of environmental-economic accounts and economic welfare and his active participation with the U.S. statistical system.

2011 - Thomas L. Mesenbourg Jr., the Deputy Director of the U.S. Census Bureau,, for his contributions to developing and advancing economic statistics programs that meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy.

2010 - Dale W. Jorgenson, the Samuel W. Morris University Professor at Harvard University, for his contributions to the measurement of productivity, innovation, capital, human capital, poverty, and for his leadership in the integration of the U.S. National Accounts.

2009 - Helen Stone Tice, Senior Research Associate at the Center for Civil Society Studies at the Johns Hopkins University, for innovative research in developing improved measures of the activities on nonprofit institutions throughout the world and for leadership in providing users with comprehensive documentation of the methodologies used for the U.S. economic accounts.

2008 - William R. Bell, a Senior Mathematical Statistician at the U.S. Census Bureau, for innovative statistical research that led to improved economic statistics through important contributions to the theory and practice of seasonal adjustment, small area estimation, and time series modeling.

2008 - Robert M. Groves, formerly Director of the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research and now Director of the Census Bureau, for innovative statistical research that led to improved economic statistics through important contributions to the theory and practice of survey methods for the conduct of sample surveys of both households and establishments.

2007 - Arthur B. Kennickell, Senior Economist and Head of the Microeconomic Surveys Unit at the Federal Reserve Board, for his leadership of the Federal Reserve's Survey of Consumer Finances and his achievements as an international expert on the design and implementation of household economic surveys.

2006 - J. Steven (Steve) Landefeld, Director of the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, for his leadership in strengthening the BEA economic accounts, enhancing the international reputation of BEA, and outstanding staff development.

2005 - W. Erwin Diewert, Professor of Economics at the University of British Columbia, for path-breaking economic theoretical innovations, notably in index number theory, adapted to improve national economic statistics around the world

2004 - Agustín Maravall, Bank of Spain, for outstanding leadership and contributions to methods, software, training, and consultation for model-based seasonal adjustment and its acceptance by national statistical offices and central banks.

2003 - Carol A. Corrado, Federal Reserve Board, for outstanding stewardship of industrial production and capacity measurement resulting in notable statistical improvements, for leadership in measuring productivity and information-technology output and prices, and for significant contributions to macroeconomic analysis using disaggregated data.

2003 - Susan E. Offutt, Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, for exceptional leadership in establishing the primacy of the Economic Research Service as the Nation's leading source of economic information and policy analysis on food, farm, natural resource, and rural development issues.

2002 - Katharine G. Abraham, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for her many methodological improvements in U.S. price and employment statistics—improvements demanded by the increasingly complex roles those statistics play in business and government affairs.

2001 - George C. Tiao, University of Chicago, for his research and leadership contributions to the methodological foundations of the first model-based approach to seasonal adjustment, an approach that has been adopted by several national statistical offices and central banks.

2000 - Edwin R. Dean, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for his important contributions to the improvement and understanding of productivity measures, his leadership in international comparisons of labor statistics, and his expertise and innovation that has expanded the Bureau of Labor Statistics international technical cooperation program.

1999 - Robert P. Parker, Bureau of Economic Analysis, for important contributions to aid in the management and interpretation of the economy, for exceptionally sound and innovative research in economic statistics, and for decades of work in improving the National Income and Product Accounts in the United States and other countries.

1998 - Eva Jacobs, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for her management of the Consumer Expenditure Survey Program, her work on the use of the Consumer Expenditure Survey data to analyze and interpret the economy, and her responsiveness to customer needs.

1998 - Joseph L. Gastwirth, George Washington University, for his seminal work that clarified the statistical procedures for the Lorenz curve and related measures of income inequality and for his continuing contributions to statistical methodology needed for economic and labor analysis.

1997 - Jack E. Triplett, Bureau of Economic Analysis, for broad contributions to the field of economic measurement, including the development and introduction of hedonic price index measurement techniques and superlative price and quantity indices in the National Income and Product Accounts and, most recently, the development and implementation of the North American Industry Classification System.

1996 - David F. Findley, the U.S. Census Bureau, for outstanding scientific leadership in improving seasonal adjustment methodology for the economic times series at the Census Bureau, the Federal Government, and throughout the world.

1995 - Fritz Scheuren, Internal Revenue Service, Statistics of Income, for breaking new ground in the construction of micro economic files, as well as the statistical uses of administrative data for economic research.

1994 - Joel Popkin, Joel Popkin and Company, for his contributions to the field of economic statistics, especially in the development of price indexes and other gauges of inflationary pressures.

1994 - Richard D. Allen, National Agricultural Statistics Service, for his contributions to the application of statistics to agricultural economics and to improving the quality, integrity, and timeliness of agricultural statistics.

1993 - Barbara A. Bailar, American Statistical Association, for her contributions to modernizing the Census Bureau's statistical programs, especially her work in undercount and non-sampling errors in the Decennial Census.

1992 - Allan H. Young, Bureau of Economic Analysis, for leadership in forging and refining statistical tools that contribute substantially to the ability to analyze the United States' economy and for imaginative management of a major statistical agency through critical times.

1991 - Carol S. Carson, Bureau of Economic Analysis, for her leadership in developing and refining the economic statistical base of the U.S. and for her contributions to the development of the revised U.N. System of National Accounts.

1991 - Stephen P. Taylor, Federal Reserve Board, for his outstanding leadership in developing and maintaining the U.S. Flow of Funds Accounts and using them to interpret the behavior of financial markets.

1990 - Jerome A. Mark, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for his outstanding achievements in the development and publications of measures of multi factor productivity.

1989 - Frank deLeeuw, Bureau of Economic Analysis, for his wide range of contributions to economic statistics that were characterized by the efficient use of statistical techniques and a practical analytical focus.

1988 - Charles Waite, Bureau of Economic Analysis and U. S. Census Bureau, for his contributions to the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U. S. Census Bureau,

1988 - Roger Herriot, U.S. Census Bureau, for his work in improving income statistics in the United States.

1987 - Irving Kravis, University of Pennsylvania, for his work in comparative studies for national income and prices.

1986 - Janet Norwood, Bureau of Labor Statistics, for her direction of the statistical program at the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1985 - David A. Pierce, Federal Reserve Board, for his introduction and use of modern statistical techniques in the data collection and modeling program of the Federal Reserve Board.

1984 - Geoffrey Moore, Bureau of Labor Statistics and Columbia University, for his research in measurement and analysis of business cycles.

1983 - Beatrice Vaccara, Treasury and Bureau of Industrial Analysis for her major contributions to economic statistics including the development and application of input/output modeling and improvements to the system of business cycle indicators and for her leadership and direction of practical, policy oriented economic analysis.

1982 - Edward Denison, Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Brookings Institute, for his innovative and significant contributions to economics in general and particularly in the use of economic statistics.

1981 - James Bonnen, Michigan State University, for his service to the Statistical Community as Executive Director of the Presidential Reorganization Project for the Federal Statistical System and for his report Federal Statistical System Project: Issues and Opinions.

1980 - Estella Dagum, Statistics Canada, for her outstanding achievement in economic statistics, particularly for widely recognized contributions in time series analysis and for extending Julius Shiskin's pioneering work in seasonal adjustment by combining the X-11 seasonal adjustment program with the Box-Jenkins ARIMA models and especially the development of the X-11-ARIMA method.

Updated May 2014
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