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Section on Statistical Education

Responsibilities of the Newsletter Editor

  1. Prepare the newsletter to be posted on the Stat Ed Section website twice a year -- March and September.
  2. For each issue, several weeks in advance ask for the following contributions. Send reminders to those who promise to submit and may forget!
    1. Letter from the Section chair
    2. Report from the current and future program chairs
    3. Report from AP chief reader
    4. Report from CAUSE director and related CAUSE projects (e.g., USCOTS)
    5. Report from ACTE chair
    6. Any relevant items or reports from related committees (AMATYC, MAA/ASA Joint Committees, ASA/NCTM joint committees)
    7. Other stat ed items that have been announced at meetings or on the internet that may be of interest to Section members
    8. Any relevant items or reports from IASE or other international groups
    9. For the September issue, award winners from the recent JSM
    10. Ask Stat Ed Executive Committee members if they know of other items or announcements to include in the forthcoming newsletter.
  3. Assemble the reports with authors' names and contact information.
  4. Include photos if available.
  5. Send assembled draft newsletters and photos to co-editor to help edit, mark up and post to website.
  6. Have Section chair send an announcement to the Section members when the newsletter is finalized and posted.

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