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Jo Hardin
2007 Recipient of the Waller Education Award

Jo Hardin, an assistant professor of statistics, has been teaching at Pomona College since 2002 and is the only full time statistician in her department. In her young career at Pomona, she has developed three introductory statistics courses and three second tier statistics courses. All of her courses are well received with high enrollments. She has infused all these courses with her research in microarray analysis. Jo devotes much of her time to reaching out to other disciplines. As stated in her nomination letter: "Jo is an outstanding statistics teacher. She is creative, innovative, and tremendously devoted to the students and their education."

Jo is very active within the ASA's Section on Statistical Education, serving on the Executive Committee. The statistical education community is blessed to have Jo as one of our colleagues. This award symbolizes the bright and promising future she has ahead.

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