Section on Statistical Education
2007 Business Meeting
Convention Center Rooms 151 D & E
Salt Lake City, Utah
August 1, 2007

Jessica Utts, Section Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:33 PM. Jessica introduced the Section officers, who were acknowledged with applause. Jessica introduced Ron Wasserstein, the incoming ASA Executive Director.

  1. Awards

    Ron Wasserstein presented the 2006 Best Contributed Paper to Jim Norton, a two-time winner. Ron will continue to coordinate the award. The Section’s Executive Committee has voted to extend future awards to three contributed papers.

    Jessica Utts introduced Chris Franklin to present the Waller Education Award. Jo Hardin is the 2007 winner. She is also on the Section Executive Committee. Award sponsors Ray and Carolyn Waller were present. Tom Moore is rotating off the Waller Award committee. Chris Franklin announced that George Cobb will replace Tom Moore on the committee.

    Jessica Utts noted Section members receiving awards at this year’s JSM. George Cobb received an ASA Founders Award. Bill Harkness received a Carver Medal. New ASA fellows include Mary Gray, Joseph Lang, and Zachary Stoumbos.

  2. Election Results

    Jessica Utts announced that the 2008 Chair-Elect (chair in 2009) is Bob delMas. The new Publications Officer is Jackie Dietz, and new members of the Executive Committee (2008-2010) are Kim (Robinson) Gilbert and Carmen Acuna. The incoming Council of Sections Representative is Ann Cannon.

  3. Reports

    Tom Short distributed a master attendance list. Minutes from the 2006 meeting were distributed, with the following corrections: Rob Gould and Brian Jersky attended the 2006 Business Meeting. A suggestion was made to remove e-mail addresses from the minutes published on the Section’s Web site.

    Motion: A Hardin/Holcomb motion to approve the minutes was unanimously approved.

    Tom Short described the financial situation of the Section as “healthy.” The Section’s account balance at the beginning of 2006 was $8,717.24 and at the end of 2006 was $11,416.96. As of July 23, 2007 the Section’s account balance was $10,533.08.

    Publication officer -- no report.

    Program Chair
    Patti Collings thanked everyone for their support and participation in JSM 2007.

    Program chair elect -- no report.

    Council of Sections Report
    Carolyn Cuff reported that the Council of Sections considered holding a mixer at the beginning of JSM or while sessions are active.

    Announcement of 2009 Program Chair
    Linda Young introduced Peter Westfall as the 2009 Section on Statistical Education Program Chair

    Chair's report
    Jessica Utts noted that we have money to spend, ut we want to prioritize. We will develop a Section Strategic Plan to follow the ASA Strategic Plan coming out in Spring 2008. A group will meet on Saturday afternoon at JSM 2008. Our temporary priorities are 1: Benefit members, 2: Benefit organizations whose mission aligns with ours, 3: Attract new members. Requests are e-mailed to the Section Chair.

  4. Updates

    Mentoring Program
    Jessica Utts reported for Joy Jordan. This is the fourth year of the Section’s mentoring program. No breakfast was held at JSM 2007 due to Joy’s absence. Please visit the Section Web site for more information.

    STATCOM Pro Bono Statistical Consulting through Graduate Students
    Shari Oxenfeld, current STATCOM advisor visited to thank the Section for support in their application for an ASA Strategic Initiative. STATCOM now has an Outreach Coordinator, and would like to get undergraduate faculty doing service learning involved. The Section membership acknowledged the success of the STATCOM program with applause.

    Stat Ed Booth
    Deb Rumsey organized the JSM booth in 2007. This is now a task for a Section Executive Committee member at large. Deb will organize the booth in 2008. Please send suggestions or ideas to her. Thanks for the booth volunteers for 2007: John MacKenzie, Dean Nelson, Bill Harkness, Amy Froelich, Bob Stephenson, Jackie Dietz, Carolyn Cuff, Deb Rumsey, David Loewen, Rob Gould, Jo Hardin, Neal Rogness, Roxy Peck, Kim Robinson, Sue Schou, Terry King, David Kriska, Mark Fulcomer, Jerry Moreno, Dex Whittinghill, Brian Smith, Tom Short, Sandra Clarkson, Brian Jersky and Chris Franklin

  5. New Business

    Christie Clark visited to mention the ASA Pharmaceutical Section Student Paper Competition, which receives very few submissions. Perhaps our section could help to link competitions and awards across sections and other entities.

    Bob delMas announced that the Adapting and Implementing Innovative Materials (AIMS) project is entering a second phase and is looking for instructors who have the interest and flexibility to implement 20 lessons into their courses.

    Deb Nolan announced that she, along with Mark Hansen and Duncan Temple Lang, has received an NSF grant to revise the advanced undergraduate and graduate statistics curriculum. A workshop will be held in 2008 about the tools develop. She invited Section members to attend workshops in the faculty development phase. See the Web site:

    Rob Gould announced that the electronic journal Technology Innovations in Statistics Education is now active. Please contribute manuscripts concerned with the intersection of technology and statistics education.

    John McKenzie announced that the MAA SIGMAA on Statistics Education is co-sponsoring a contributed papers session at the Joint Mathematical Meetings in statistics and jointly with the Web group/technology. The deadline for abstracts is in early September.

    A discussion was initiated to promote science and statistics to minority students. The ASA Committee on Minorities would like to disseminate information about opportunities we can provide.

    John McKenzie recommends putting the checkbox for presentation handouts back into the Best Contributed Paper evaluation forms. He also suggests that the criteria for our Best Contributed Paper award appear in the Amstat News. The Executive Committee should consider how awards will be distributed among Topic Contributed papers, Contributed papers, and posters

    Jerry Moreno, current chair of the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee, announced that the K-12 GAISE Report has been published in book form. It is also available free through the ASA Web site. He thanked Chris Franklin for her leadership in getting the guidelines published. Meetings will be held in 2008 to flesh out activities based on the report, followed by workshops presenting the activities to be held beginning in 2009. Please contact Jerry if you would like to help to write activities.

    Jerry Moreno encouraged Section members to get involved with the ASA K-12 poster and project competitions.

    Felicity Enders initiated a discussion about contributed sessions and posters at JSM. Some feel that posters do not encourage interaction and meeting new people as much as sessions due. Some schools do not reimburse travel expenses for posters. The Section can sponsor invited posters and topic contributed posters, although this is not required. Some felt that the poster location was not ideal. Allan Rossman clarified that invited posters do not count against the JSM "one-talk" rule.

    Incoming Publications Officer Jackie Dietz will work with Joan Garfield on the Section newsletter. They hope to publish one each Spring and one in the Fall. Please send contributions to Jackie or Joan or both. Through Jackie the Section hopes to submit monthly contributions to the Amstat News.

    Chris Franklin encouraged Section members to sign up to be a reader for the AP Statistics exam. The 2008 reading will be held from June 5 through 13. In 2009 the reading will begin on June 3. We will need over 500 readers in 2008, up from 452 in 2007. Chris acknowledged that many in the room at this meeting are already involved with AP Statistics.

    Jessica Utts acknowledged retiring Executive Committee members Chris Franklin, Julie Legler, Ginger Holmes Rowell, Sterling Hilton, and Patti Collings. The Section thanked the retiring officers for their service with applause.

Although no formal motion to adjourn was made, at 7:30 PM the Section members acted appropriately.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Short

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