Section on Statistical Education
1996 Business Meeting

Mary Parker, Section Chair called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm on August 7, 1996. Those in attendance were:

Lee Abramson Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Martha Aliaga University of Michigan
Rich Alldrege Washington State University
Karla Ballman Macalester College
Don Bentley Pomona College
Jim Bentley Winthrop University
John Boyer Kansas State University
Carol Joyce Blumberg Winona State
Ann Cannon Cornell College
Bill Carlson St. Olaf College
Beth Chance University of the Pacific
George Cobb Mount Holyoke College
Linda Collins Iowa State University
James Davenport Virginia Commonwealth University
Jackie Dietz North Carolina State
Carolyn Dobler Gustavus Adolphus College
Mark Eakin University of Texas - Arlington
Marlin Eby Messiah College
Beth Eltinge Texas A & M
Leonard M. Gaines Suny-Empire State College
Joan Garfield University of Minnesota
Robert Goldman Simmons College
Miriam S. Grosof Stern College for Women
Katherine Halvorsen Smith College
Terry King Northwest Missouri State
Jim Landwehr Bell Laboratories
Robin Lock St. Lawrence University
Don Macnaughton MatStat
Jim Matis Texas A&M
John McKenzie Babson College
Christine McLaren Moorhead State University
Tom Moore Grinnell College
Jerry Moreno John Carroll University
Mary Parker Austin Community College
Roxy Peck Cal Poly
Ron Randles University of Florida
Marta Remmenga New Mexico State University
Rosemary Roberts Bowdoin College
Allan Rossman Dickinson College
Anne Sevin Framingham State College
Dick Scheaffer Florida
Milo Schield Augsburg College
Tom Short Villanova University
J. Laurie Snell Dartmouth College
Bob Stephenson Iowa State University
John Walker Syracuse University
Joe Ward Northside ISD
Dex Whittinghill Rowan College
Ron Wasserstein Washburn University
  1. Members of the executive committee were introduced.

  2. Minutes of the 1995 business meeting were distributed and approved.

  3. Treasurer's Report:

    The ASA accounting office has had some difficulty getting out timely and complete treasury reports due to the new computer system. As of June 30, we have approximately $7500 in the treasury. The income from the Proceedings and the bills for the newsletter are not accounted for in this figure.

  4. Best Contributed Paper Award

    The Best Contributed Paper Award was presented to Bob Stephenson by Ron Wasserstein.

  5. Outreach to Public Schools

    1. Fred Djang reported on the ASA's School Membership initiative. The membership costs $50.00 and includes subscriptions to Statistics Teacher Network newsletter, CHANCE and STATS magazines. There are about 14 public school which have become members so far. ASA members are encouraged to sponsor their local public schools.

    2. Dick Scheaffer and Rosemary Roberts reported on the AP Statistics Course which was approved this year. ASA members are encouraged to become involved by helping train local teachers. There is a draft document on how to teach the AP course. This and other information can be obtained through your regional representative. The first exam will be given in May of 1997. Readers are needed to help grade the exam. Interested members should contact Rosemary Roberts.

  6. Report from the Chair:

    1. Regional Conferences

      Last year's conference in Boston on "Trends in Introductory Applied Statistics Courses: Topics, Techniques and Technology" was a success. The executive committee voted to allocate $750 to the Boston Chapter of ASA to help support their upcoming conference on "Assessment in Statistics Courses". This conference is tentatively scheduled for April 19, 1997. The executive committee also voted to endorse the Conference on Teaching Statistics organized by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

    2. Newsletter

      Mary Parker thanked the newsletter editors Carol Joyce Blumberg, Tom Moore and Joan Garfield for the excellent newsletters this year. Carol, Tom and Joan have agreed to serve as editors for another year. Send ideas for articles and announcements to one of these people. Carol Joyce Blumberg reported that there have been some difficulties with the labels this year. Members need to check their labels and online directory listing for errors.

    3. Webpages

      Mary Parker thanked Jackie Dietz, Tom Short, Tim Hesterberg and Ann Cannon for their hard work on the webpage. Send suggested changes of the webpage to Jackie and additions to book list to Ann.

    4. JSM Programs

      Mary Parker thanked Allan Rossman for this year's program. Roxy Peck is the program chair for 1997 and Jerry Moreno is program chair for 1998.

    5. Amstat News

      Mary Parker asked for ideas for the Stat. Ed. Section column in the Amstat News.

    6. Visiting Retirees Program

      Mary Regier is putting together a proposal for ASA to start a Visiting Retirees Program. This program would send a retired statistician from the US to a foreign country to help train statistics on a short-term basis. The retired statistician would agree to go for cost, volunteering time and expertise. Mary Regier's email address is if members have ideas they would like to share with her in putting this proposal together.

    7. Strategic Planning

      The executive committee identified outreach to organizations that teach statistics as a key element in our strategic plan. One part of this outreach is to have information readily available. A list of activities and organizations involved in the teaching of statistics has been started. Several items were added to this list.

      Journal of Statistics Education
      The Statistics Teacher Network
      STATS Magazine
      Chance Magazine
      ASA Advisory Committee on Quantitative Literacy
      Poster Competition
      Data Analysis Competition
      Various Regional Conferences
      STATS Workshops
      Advanced Placement Stat Course
      ASA-MAA Joint Committee on Undergraduate Statistics
      International Study Group for Research on Learning Probability and Statistics
      NCTM-ASA Joint Committee on Curriculum in Probability and Statistics
      American Math Competition -- Math Olympiad

    The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

    Respectfully Submitted
    Marta D. Remmenga

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