Section on Statistical Education
1998 Business Meeting

Rosemary Roberts, Section Chair called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. on August 12, 1998. Those in attendance were:

Lee Abramson Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Peter Bajorski RIT
Karla Ballman Macalester College
Don Bentley Pomona College
Carol Joyce Blumberg Winona State University
John Boyer Kansas State University
Beth Chance University of the Pacific
George Cobb Mount Holyoke College
Jon Cryer University of Iowa
James Davenport Virginia Commonwealth University
Jackie Dietz North Carolina State University
Carolyn Dobler Gustavus Adolphus College
Joan Garfield University of Minnesota
Katherine Halvorsen Smith College
Brad Hartlaub Kenyon College
Tim Hesterberg MathSoft, Inc.
John Holcomb Youngstown State University
Roger Johnson South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Albyn Jones Reed College
Gudmund Iversen Swarthmore College
Terry King Northwest Missouri State
Robin Lock St. Lawrence University
Jim Matis Texas A&M University
Don Macnaughton MatStat
John McKenzie Babson College
Chris McLaren Moorhead State University
Tom Moore Grinnell College
Jerry Moreno John Carroll University
Bob Newcomb University of California-Irvine
Bill Notz Ohio State University
Roxy Peck Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Derek Penny South Bank University (London, UK)
Ellen Rehak Gainesville College
Marta Remmenga New Mexico State University
Rosemary Roberts Bowdoin College
Allan Rossman Dickinson College
Milo Schield Augsburg College
Tom Short Villamore University
Anne Sevin CBAR/HSPH
Bob Stephenson Iowa State University
Ron Tracy Oakland University
Stephen Turner Babson College
Jessica Utts University of California, Davis
Joe Ward Northside ISD
Bob Wardrop University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ron Wasserstein Washburn University
Joan Weinstein Pine Manor College/Harvard Ext. Sch.
Dex Whittinghill Rowan College
Steve Zayac Ford
  1. Introductions

    Rosemary Roberts introduced the 1998 section officers. She also introduced and congratulated the new officers for 1999: Chair-elect, Roxy Peck; Secretary-Treasurer: Marilynn Dueker; Publications Officer: Jessica Utts; Council of Sections: John Boyer; and Executive Committee members, Beth Chance and Katherine Halvorsen.

  2. Best Contributed Paper Award

    The Best Contributed Paper Award was presented to Ann Watkins by Ron Wasserstein on behalf of the Section.

  3. Minutes and Treasurer's report

    The minutes of the 1997 Business Meeting were distributed and approved. The June 30 financial statement shows about $5000 in the treasury. Income and expenses from the Proceedings and some expenses for the newsletter are not included in this figure.

  4. Reports from Program Chairs

    1. Jerry Moreno reported on the 1998 program. The new rules have decreased the number of contributed papers by about 200. Our section sponsored five regular sessions, four special contributed paper sessions, three invited sessions and ten round tables.
    2. Brad Hartlaub reported on the plans for the 1999 program. There are three invited sessions planned: The Role of Statistics in Math Education, Teaching Statistics at the Undergraduate Level and Teaching Statistics to Students with Disabilities. There will also be an increased focus on invited posters. There are plans for five special contributed paper sessions.
    3. Tom Short will be the program chair for 2000.

  5. Educom Award

    Jackie Dietz reported on the selection of the Educom Medal Award. She announced that it was awarded to Paul Velleman who created ActivStats, DataDesk and DASL.

  6. Report from Chair

    Rosemary Roberts thanked Jerry Lyons from Springer-Verlag for providing the refreshments for our meeting. She also thanked Terry King, Joan Garfield, Tom Moore and Carol Blumberg for their work on the newsletter this year. Ideas for the news letter should be sent to Terry.

    The Executive Committee voted to continue co-sponsorship of the College Bowl which requires no funding. Funded sponsorship was approved for the ASA Poster and Project Competition and the Undergraduate Data Analysis Competition. The committee also voted to provide some funding for the travel and hotel expenses of the speaker for the 1999 invited session on Teaching Statistics to Students with Disabilities and to reimburse some of the travel expenses for one of the invited speakers at the 1998 meetings.

    Rosemary also reported on a couple of issues from the Council of Sections. Only about 50% of ASA members are also section members. Most non-renewing members are not members of any section. There are 16 member initiatives with approximately $100,000 allocated for implementing them. Some of the issues most pertinent to the sections include Issue 1, Initiative 2 on outreach to non- and future statisticians and Issue 2, Initiative 10 on diversity in publications to meet the needs of the members. The Journal of Statistical Education received $25,000 under this initiative to get established as an ASA sponsored journal and work towards self-sufficiency.

    A charter committee has been set up to revise the Stat. Ed. Section Charter. The review committee will make recommendations to the executive committee for approval. Any approved changes will be voted on by section members.

  7. Other Business

    Chris McLaren reminded us that many of our departments receive Stat Magazine as part of our institutional membership and suggested that we make it available to our students.

    Joe Ward suggested that an excellent outreach program is for individuals and/or chapters to become involved in local science fairs and provide assistance to science teachers in the public schools.

    Roxy Peck reported on the success of the AP exam in statistics. She encouraged those interested in serving as an exam reader to apply to be an advisor. Check the web site,

    The problem of the unreliable link between the news group and EdStat.L list server was discussed. Perhaps someone could submit fixing this problem under one of the ASA member initiatives. This would require a fully developed business plan.

    Bob Newcom held a raffle for the prize of a DBM CD. Ron Wasserstein won the raffle.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:26 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted
Marta D. Remmenga

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