Section on Statistical Education
1999 Business Meeting

Chris McLaren, Section Chair, called the meeting to order at 5.50 pm., Wednesday, August 11, 1999. Those in attendance were:

Lee Abramson Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Don Bentley Pomona College
John Boyer Kansas State University
Ann Cannon Cornell College
Rick Carlson Health Partners
Beth Chance Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
James M Davenport Virginia Commonwealth U.
Bob delMas University of Minnesota
Jackie Dietz North Carolina State U.
Judy Dill ASA Staff
Fred Djang Choate Rosemary Hall
Carolyn Dobler Gustavus Adolphus College
Marilynn Dueker University of Connecticut, Stamford
Marlin Eby Messiah College
Mike Frey Bucknell College
Theresa Gauthier Cleveland Comm. College
Pat Humphrey Georgia Southern University
Roger Johnson S. Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Terry King Northwest Missouri State University
Uwe Koehn University of Connecticut
Nancy Lo Southwest Fisheries Sc. Center
Robin Lock St. Lawrence University
Don Macnaughton MatStat
Edd Mansfield University of Alabama
John McKenzie Babson College
Chris McLaren University of California, Irvine
Jackie Miller Ohio State University
Tom Moore Grinnell College
Jerry Moreno John Carroll University
Patricia Munholland Montana State University
Robert Newcomb University of California, Irvine
Jim Norton Carolinas Medical Center
William Notz Ohio State University
Mary Parker Austin Community College
Roxy Peck Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Rosemary Roberts Bowdoin College
Alan Rossman Dickinson College
Ginger Rowell Belmont University
Dick Schaeffer University of Florida
Milo Schield Augsburg College
Anne Sevin Harvard School of Public Health
Tom Short Villanova University
Sonya Vartivarian University of Michigan
John Walker Syracuse University
Joe Ward Health Careers H. S.
Ron Wasserstein Washburn University
Dex Whittinghill Rowan University
  1. Introductions and Congratulations

    Christine McLaren, Section Chair, thanked Springer-Verlag for providing refreshments for the business meeting.

    Christine congratulated the newly elected section officers: Allan Rossman, the 2000 Chair-elect, Section Council Representative, Anne Sevin, and the newly elected Executive Committee members, Karla Ballman and Deborah Rumsey. Christine also congratulated, Dick Schaeffer, on his election as the 2000 ASA President-Elect.

    Ron Wasserstein presented the Best Contributed Paper Award to Harry James Norton for his paper on the Fallacies in Statistical Reasoning. Christine thanked Ron for all the work involved in making this award.

    Christine congratulated Ann Watkins, newly named Fellow of the ASA, and Jerry Moreno for receiving the ASA Founders Award for his work for the ASA and for the Statistical Education Section.

  2. Minutes and Treasurer's Report

    The minutes of the 1998 business meeting of the Statistical Education Section were distributed and approved.

    The June 30, 1999 financial statement showed a balance of $8607 in the treasury with the expenses for another edition of the newsletter (about $500) and with income and expenses involved in the Proceedings yet to come. The treasurer's report was accepted.

  3. Reports from Program Chairs

    Tom Short, 2000 program chair, reported on the invited sessions for next year: Using Technology to Develop Statistical Reasoning and Thinking, The Teaching of Statistics Across Disciplines and Departments, and Distance Learning in Statistics Education. He requested help for the special contributed sessions and the invited technical sessions. He needs contributed papers, roundtable ideas, and volunteers to chair the various sessions.

    Brad Hartlaub, 1999 program chair, thanked Rosemary Roberts for appointing him, Tom Short for organizing the Roundtables, Ron Wasserstein for dealing with the evaluation forms, and the session organizers: Deb Rumsey, Chandler Pike, and Dick Schaeffer.

    Brad then reported that the topic, Teaching Students with Disabilities, which was submitted to the competition for invited sessions, was not successful.

    The Section on Statistical Education had 3 invited sessions with 9 speakers and 3 discussants; 5 invited technical exhibits and a Statistical Education Section table organized by Jerry Moreno; 2 special contributed sessions with 14 speakers and 2 panels; 4 regular contributed sessions with 24 speakers; 23 posters; and 10 roundtables.

    Roxy Peck announced that the 2001 program chair will be Jim Matis.

  4. Report from the Section Chair

    Christine reported that the Executive Committee voted to write a letter to the ASA Board of Directors expressing support for the msr College Bowl and requesting that the ASA do more to support the Mu Sigma Rho College Bowl.

    She reported that the Charter Committee recommended that the lead newsletter editor and the webmaster be given positions on the executive committee. The current executive committee recommended that the current six members-at-large be reduced to three members-at-large to assure that the committee membership would not be increased.

    There was considerable discussion on the proposal, mostly concerning the loss of the three elected members-at-large. It was argued that member-at-large was an important entry position to the executive committee and many members were reluctant to eliminate any of these positions.

    Christine announced that any amendment to the charter would be written and sent to the section membership for a mail vote.

  5. Other Business

    Rosemary Roberts reported that ASA's 1999 Strategic Planning Initiative had allocated $10,000 for planning a symposium on undergraduate education to take place the Saturday before the 2000 JSM. The workshop will discuss curricular issues in undergraduate statistics.

    Christine reported that the section was encouraged to write a section history. John McKenzie reminded the meeting that Henry Inman wrote a Statistical Education Section history for the sesquicentennial of ASA.

    Jackie Dietz reported that the Journal of Statistics Education is now an official ASA publication, available on the ASA Web site, and would be supported for three years, after which it is expected to be self-supporting. She asked members to please subscribe.

    It was suggested that there should be a mailing to the section membership and to AP teachers. It was also suggested that an advertisement should be placed in the AMA publication and in the AMSTAT News.

    Dick Schaeffer suggested that there should be advertising in the Journal of Statistics Education. He also suggested that the symposium on undergraduate education should include colleges of education that prepare future teachers of mathematics. Dick also pointed out that statistics will be included in the report issued by the Conference Board of Mathematical Sciences.

    Don Bentley described the organization of isolated teachers of statistics.

    Joe Ward encouraged the membership to get involved in Science Fairs to greatly improve the use of statistics and computers.

    Roxy Peck announced a critical need for graders for the AP exams. She suggested that members look at the web site,

    Terry King requested ideas and articles for the section newsletter.

    Bob Newcomb conducted a raffle. The winners were:

    Silas Edet won Chance Rules, published by Springer
    Henry Gibson, Conceptual Software, developed by DBMS/HTML
    Marlin Eby, ActivStats, published by Addison Wesley
    Judy Dill, Minitab, version 12
    Ginger Rowell, Go Hog Wild dice game

The meeting adjourned at 7.10 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marilynn Dueker

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