Summary of International Association for Statistical Education (IASE) Activities in 2003

Carol Joyce Blumberg
Vice President, IASE
Winona State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 2004)

IASE has a new Website
The IASE main website has been updated by Chris Wild (IASE President) and Rachel Cunliffe of the Department of Statistics at University of Auckland, New Zealand, and has been moved to One of the main priorities has been to enable users to quickly locate and download IASE publications and proceedings. There are already over 500 papers on the site. Use the left-hand panel of the Publications page at to locate them. The website also emphasizes upcoming conferences with substantial statistics education content and other resources that are useful for teachers of statistics.

IASE Review is now an Electronic Publication
"IASE Review" is a newsletter published annually by IASE. It contains a summary of IASE activities for the 12 months preceding its publication. The 2003 issue of IASE REVIEW was edited by Gilberte Schuyten (IASE President-Elect) and is now available electronically in two versions: Version 1 (900Kb with photos and live links) is at and Version 2 (370Kb version with no photos and no live links) is at

If you are an IASE member and did not receive an email notifying you about the new issue of IASE Review, that is because IASE does not a correct email for you. Please contact in the International Statistics Institute Permanent Office with your correct email. Also, if you are an IASE member and not able to successfully use or download these files, please contact Carol Joyce Blumberg ( or Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Winona State University, Winona MN 55987-5838) and a hardcopy will be sent to you in the mail. Please make sure to include your complete mailing address.

ICOTS-7 Website
The seventh International Conference on Teaching Statistics will be held from July 2-7, 2006, in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. The International Program Committee Executive is Carmen Batanero (IPC Chair), Susan Starkings (Program Chair), John Harraway (Scientific Secretary), Allan Rossman and Beth Chance (Editors of Proceedings), and Lisbeth Cordani (local representative at the IPC). The main webpage for ICOTS-7 is at Information on Salvador de Bahia is available at

Papers from IASE-sponsored session on "Using the History of Statistics to Enhance the Teaching of Statistics" at JSM 2003
The papers from the IASE-sponsored session on "Using the History of Statistics to Enhance the Teaching of Statistics" at the Joint Statistical Meetings held on 7 August 2003 are now available at Also included is a list compiled by Herb David of books on the history of statistics.

Papers from IASE Satellite Conference on "Statistics Education and the Internet"
The papers from the IASE Satellite Conference on "Statistics Education and the Internet" held in August 2003 in Berlin, Germany are now available at Further details on the conference are at

IASE-sponsored session on "Training of Government Statisticians" at JSM 2004
IASE won one of the six slots in the JSM 2004 competition for Invited Sessions from Outside Societies. This session on "Training of Government Statisticians" will be co-sponsored by ASA Section on Statistical Education, International Statistical Institute, and ASA Section on Government Statistics. The session will include three paper presentations: Patrick Murphy (University College Dublin, Ireland) on "A European Undergraduate Degree Course in Government Statistics", Cynthia Z. F. Clark (U.S. Census Bureau) and Roger Tourangeau (University of Maryland and The University of Michigan, USA) on "The Joint Program in Survey Methodology and its Impact on the Federal Statistical System Workforce", and Elizabeth Taylor (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) on "International Continuing Education Programs for Statisticians". The discussants will be Ivan Fellegi (Chief Statistician, Statistics Canada) and Luigi Biggeri (President, Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT)). The organizer and chair of the session is Carol Joyce Blumberg.

Update on International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) website
The mission of the ISLP is to provide information and resources to aid in the development of statistical literacy around the world. The major project at this time has been to develop a website on resources to enhance the development of statistical literacy. This website is now fully operational. The best way to begin to access it is to go to, which gives a listing of the webpages contained within the site. You can then choose the topics that interest you.

Most of the entries have 3 to 5 sentence summaries. Whenever possible, urls and direct links to the materials described in an entry are given. The emphasis is on materials that can be obtained for free over the Internet or via other means. However, some excellent materials that must be purchased at a cost are also included. The website is maintained at Winona State University by Carol Joyce Blumberg.

If you have any items that you feel are appropriate for inclusion on the website or have any other suggestions or comments on the ISLP, please contact Carol Joyce Blumberg at or at Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Winona State University, Winona MN 55987-5838. Tel: (507) 457-5589; Fax: (507) 457-5376.

Institutional Membership and Regular Membership in IASE
Even though IASE is a Section of the ISI (International Statistical Institute), many people join IASE without being a member of ISI. The benefits of membership in IASE are many. By joining IASE you are helping to support a worldwide effort to improve the state of statistics education. IASE members receive free the IASE Review, the ISI Newsletter, and the ISI Membership Directory. Members of IASE also receive reduced rates on almost all of the publications of the ISI and IASE. Further, IASE members are allowed to register for IASE- and ISI-sponsored conferences at reduced rates. Annual dues for Individual Membership in IASE are only 35 Euro (approximately US $40). Institutional Membership in IASE is 210 Euro (approximately US $241). Downloadable application forms are at

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