New Mentoring Program Within the Section on Statistical Education

Joy Jordan
Lawrence University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 2004)

As a service to the new faculty members in the Section on Statistical Education (EDUC) and as a potential way to increase membership, I propose (and offer to organize) the creation of an EDUC mentoring program. Members of the section who are in their first five years of teaching will be given the opportunity to have a mentor. The mentor will serve as a resource for the new faculty member with regard to academic issues (e.g., choosing a textbook, creating new courses, balancing teaching and research). Many schools already have mentoring programs in place, but an EDUC mentor can still be effective, as he/she can bring a valuable perspective from outside the specific college of the mentee (note: mentee = person being mentored).

The expectations of the mentor are fairly limited and hopefully not too time consuming: 1) Meet with his/her mentee while at JSM -- either through an official EDUC mentor/mentee event, or informally at lunch or dinner; 2) initiate contact with his/her mentee a few times during the academic year, either by phone or email; and 3) answer any questions that his/her mentee has during the course of the academic year. The official mentoring relationship will last for two years, although it can continue informally for much longer.

I would greatly appreciate your help in getting the mentoring program started. Please contact me (via email or phone) if

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