Report from the Section Chair

Ron Wasserstein
Washburn University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 10, Number 1 (Spring 2004)

I have the wonderful privilege of serving you as chair of the Statistics Education Section during this calendar year. And what a joy it is to work with such a talented, committed and delightful group of people!

We share at least two common goals. First, we all want to see statistics instruction thrive at all levels and in all environments, and second, we want to make our Section as useful and effective as possible. As chair of the Section, I feel it is my responsibility (along with the excellent colleagues who serve on the Stat Ed Executive Committee) to focus for this year on that second goal. But we need your help.

Please share with me your suggestions for activities in which the Section should take part, or services we should provide for you, our members. Drop me a note ( Both comments and criticism are welcome, because at its core the Section exists to serve you.

While you are thinking about this, I invite you to visit our home page. You will find out about section activities, and many other useful links as well. The URL is, or you can find us by going to the ASA website ( and clicking on "Sections." Our thanks to Jackie Dietz for maintaining this site.

Of course, this newsletter is the best source for Section news and a rich variety of other useful information, thanks to the fine work of Brian Jersky, our newsletter editor.

Completing the all-volunteer army that supports the Section are the officers and executive committee members. You'll find their names listed elsewhere, and these folks are eager to make this Section as effective as it can be. Don't hesitate to contact them with ideas as well.

Thank you for this wonderful honor of serving you this year.

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