Report from the Section Chair

Ron Wasserstein
Washburn University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 10, Number 2 (Fall 2004)

It has been an honor and a delight to serve as your chair of the Statistical Education Section this year. We've accomplished many things in the past 12 months. While I shall not list them (because they have been amply chronicled in this fine newsletter), I do want to thank the members of the Statistical Education Section Executive Committee for their hard work and outstanding leadership. What a tremendous group!

Having been a member of this section for a very long time (I'd rather not mention HOW long), I've had the privilege of observing and learning from many great statistics educators. I find it particularly exciting now to see how many new faces are emerging on the scene, showing remarkable insight into how students learn and how we need to teach. And the "not-so-new" folks continue to add depth to our understanding of statistics education. My classes benefit every year from the things I learn from you all, and I benefit personally as well, because your ideas help make the classroom more interesting to me as well.

I have so enjoyed the opportunity to be your section chair, and to experience first hand your dedication to our profession, your commitment to students, and your own love of learning. Thank you for this privilege, and I look forward to working with you in other capacities in the years to come.

Best wishes,

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