The ASA/AMATYC Joint Committee

Bob delMas, Chair

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 11, Number 1 (Winter 2006)

The ASA/AMATYC Joint Committee sponsored a two-day workshop titled "Preparation of Two-Year College Mathematics Instructors to Teach Statistics with GAISE". Supported by an ASA strategic initiative grant, the workshop was held Nov. 8 and 9 in San Diego, two days prior to the 2005 AMATYC meeting (see The workshop was organized by committee chair Brian Smith and presented by Jessica Utts and Bob delMas. Twenty-nine two-year college faculty from around the country participated in the hands-on, activity based sessions that introduced participants to the six recommendations from the ASA endorsed "Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education".

Brian Smith also organized a four-hour themed session for the 2005 AMATYC conference titled "Projects and Activities in Statistics". Eight presenters from two-year and four-year institutions illustrated the use of individual student, cooperative group, and whole class projects and activities in the introductory statistics course. The presenters included Martha Aliaga, Carl Lee, Roxy Peck, Bob delMas, Mario Triola, Glenn Miller, John Climent, and Lisa Lee. The well attended session was followed by a question-and-answer period where the presenters addressed questions about the practical aspects of managing projects and activities in an introductory statistics course.

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