ASA Center for Statistics Education

Martha Aliaga, ASA

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 11, Number 1 (Winter 2006)

Each year ASA presents workshops at JMM. At the previous JMM in Atlanta in 2005, ASA members presented two workshops: Guidelines for Teaching Statistics within the PreK-12 Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education.

Another ASA initiative established a training program in Michigan to provide secondary teachers with background and classroom materials to teach a “Statistics for Everyone” course. The ongoing program is providing invaluable opportunities for the ASA chapters in Michigan to interact with the secondary math/science community.

Other chapter education programs supported by ASA include San Diego’s High School Teachers Statistics Fair. The event served to stimulate interest and create excitement among teachers about the profession of statistics and generate ideas on how the San Diego chapter of ASA could assist efforts to improve the level of introductory statistics education ( ASA helped the New York Metropolitan Area Chapter "Adopt-a-School" in their area. Chapter members assisted teachers with statistics programs and offered advice to students on careers in the field.

Outreach education efforts include the funding of the first annual Conference on Quantitative Methods and Statistical Applications in Defense and National Security. This two-day event promoted collaboration between statisticians and practitioners in national security and homeland defense and featured a keynote address from Dr. William Perry, the 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense (1994-1997).

The Committee on Outreach Education developed two courses for professions that report on or use statistics: journalists and persons in the legal profession. Making Sense of Medical Research was presented to a group of journalists in February 2005 at American University in Washington, DC. The short course Statistics in a Legal Context has been developed and will be presented to a suitable audience soon.

ASA has also presented workshops to the National Association of Science Writers and the AAAS in the last year. ASA co-sponsored three courses with American Public Heath Association at their annual meeting in Philadelphia, December 2005. Richard Hoskins and Andrew Lawson presented Introduction to Spatial Epidemiology & GIS with Applications to Public Health Practice, Marcia Testa and Ralph Turner presented Psychometric Measurement and Analysis Issues for Health Outcomes Survey Research, and Adam Carle presented Introduction to Item Response Theory - IRT - for Public Health Professionals.

Information about the Poster and the Project Competitions on the ASA website has been updated, and the application date for Posters has been moved up to April 1 of each year. Texas Instruments has generously continued its support of the two competitions via donations of calculators to category winners and their advisors.

The Statistics Teacher Network (STN) newsletter is edited by Beth Lazerick, and the website has been updated so that all STN’s from issue #1 to the present are now available electronically.

ASA will again have a booth at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics annual meeting, this year in St. Louis, MO. The booth will be adjoining the Texas Instruments booth to facilitate two workshops being presented in their booth by ASA members Daren Starnes (Making Sense of Regression) and Henry Kranendonk (World Population Data Project). Texas Instruments is supplying the technical equipment for the presentations.

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