Report from the Section Chair

Christine Franklin
University of Georgia

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 11, Number 2 (Fall 2006)

As I write this column, Iím 4 weeks into the fall semester at UGA and enjoying the challenge and joy of being back in the classroom after a summer away from teaching. It reminds me that teaching must always stay at the top of our priorities in statistical education — our ultimate goal must be to dedicate ourselves to making the education of our students the best possible. Although the Joint Statistical Meetings in Seattle are now over a month behind us, Iím still reliving many of the wonderful Statistical Education Section sponsored sessions that provided me with fresh ideas for teaching and research and the many thought provoking discussions for the future direction of statistical education. On behalf of the section, I extend a special thank you to Paul Roback, the 2006 Statistics Education Program Chair, for his outstanding work planning and organizing these 2006 JSM sessions. Patti Collings, the Stat Ed Section program chair for JSM 2007, is already organizing excellent sessions.

As you read this issue of the newsletter, you will be in awe at all the wonderful work accomplished by members of the Stat Ed Section. Much of my inspiration in professional endeavors has come from watching and learning from the many outstanding statistics educators in our section. Itís important to remember that we need everyone working toward our common goals — itís a team effort. We need people to volunteer their services for the many projects and efforts initiated or supported by the section. When I made that leap to volunteer my services years ago, I never imagined the gratifying rewards (both personal and professional) I would receive working with the members of this community.

I would like to thank the members of the Stat Ed Executive Committee for their dedicated service to the section. The committee members are listed on the ASA website at the section link: Be sure to bookmark this URL on your computer. Here you can find the newsletter as well as all the Stat Ed Section news. I canít thank Jackie Dietz enough for maintaining this website.

This will be my final Chairís Report as my term as chair ends on December 31, 2006 (I will serve as past-chair in 2007). Iím excited about Jessica Utts taking over as chair in 2007. I have so enjoyed serving as section chair and for the opportunity to work with dedicated section members, observing your commitment to students and to learning. I look forward to working with each of you in the future.

Take care,

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