JSE – Comments from the Next Editor

Bill Notz

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 11, Number 2 (Fall 2006)

Let me introduce myself. I am Bill Notz, a faculty member in the Department of Statistics at the Ohio State University, and I will be the new editor of the Journal of Statistics Education. My term officially begins January 1, 2007. However, to smooth the transition from the outgoing editor, Bob Stephenson, I will handle all new submissions beginning September 1, 2006. Bob will continue to handle revisions to insure continuity in the ongoing review process. New manuscripts can be sent to me at jse@stat.ohio-state.edu. Bob has promised to forward to me any new manuscripts that are sent to him. Thus, sooner or later all new manuscripts will arrive on my desk.

My editorial coordinator is Jean Scott. Jean also works with Dennis Pearl on CAUSE and so has some familiarity with the statistics education community.

Because I have no duties until September 1, I have had time to think about what I would like to do as editor. A session at the 2006 JSM in Seattle provided me with inspiration for a new feature of the journal devoted to the topic of research informing practice. The goal is to publish papers describing how teachers have taken the findings of research on teaching and learning and implemented these ideas in the classroom. To launch this new feature, I hope to have an introductory article in the first issue of the journal in 2007.

It has been pointed out to me that we have not been taking full advantage of the fact that JSE is an electronic journal. The electronic format allows authors to do more than is possible on paper alone. I encourage authors to be creative and make use of the possibilities of a web-based publication.

If you have any suggestions for directions for the journal, feel free to share them with me. Likewise, if you have complaints, let me know. I previously served as the editor of Technometrics and learned that an editor must be ready to accept criticism and respond constructively if she or he wishes to be successful.

If you have any concerns as to whether an article is appropriate for the journal, please feel free to contact me. I can always conduct a quick screen of an article and provide suggestions. I also encourage articles from international authors.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to Bob Stephenson for his outstanding service to the journal (and his help in getting me oriented), to the editorial board for their hard work, for the contribution of all those who have served as reviewers, and for the support and encouragement of many friends of the journal. As all editors know, the editorial board and reviewers are the folks that do the really important work.

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