Report from the Joint ASA/AMATYC Committee

Bob delMas, University of Minnesota
Joint Committee Chair

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

Members of the Joint ASA/AMATYC committee made several presentations at the AMATYC Annual Conference held November 2006 in Cincinnati, OH. Brian Smith and Bob delMas conducted a two-hour workshop, Implementing the GAISE Guidelines to Teach Introductory Statistics, that was well attended.  Twenty people participated in the workshop. Forty people were on a waiting list, indicating the interest in statistics education by the AMATYC community.  The workshop received very positive feedback from the participants. Bob delMas presented a paper titled Assessment of Students' Conceptual Understanding of Statistics on results from the ARTIST CAOS test based on large a national sample. John Climent made a presentation titled Suggestions for Curve Fitting in Algebra or Statistics, which was well attended. John also had a second presentation with Kristy Erickson (Effective Use of Clickers in Math and Statistics Classes). Brian Smith chaired a meeting of the Statistics Subcommittee on Program/Curriculum Issues. The main topic of discussion was a possible AMATYC Summer Institute focusing on statistics education in summer 2008.  Mary Moynihan, from Cape Cod Community College, suggested their campus as a possible venue.  The committee has moved forward with this suggestion and submitted a proposal that will be reviewed for approval at the April 2007 meeting of the AMATYC Board of Directors.

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