The International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP): New URL, New Plans, Old Missions

Juana Sanchez
Director, International Statistical Literacy Project of the International Association for Statistics Education (IASE)

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

The International Statistical Literacy Project (ISLP) of the International Association for Statistics Education (IASE) has a new Director, Juana Sanchez, and a new location for the web site that the former Director, Carol Blumberg, put together during four years of outstanding dedication to the cause of statistical literacy in the US and around the world. The new location is under the umbrella of the IASE, and is at This web site is wiki based, and access and registration are free. Those interested in posting statistical literacy resources can do so directly or contact the Director. Through that web site, ISLP continues its mission of serving as the most comprehensive source of information on statistical literacy resources in the world. We plan to continue improving its content and its appearance to serve this purpose. The page translates to several languages.

The ISLP is very fortunate that Carol Blumberg has agreed to continue on the advisory board and in the management for the National Statistical Offices web pages. We are also very lucky that all the page coordinators that were working in 2006 with Carol have decided to continue their outstanding work. Without their management of the pages the ISLP would become stagnant. They are all experts involved in statistical literacy like Carol, and their wisdom is very needed in ISLP. Similarly, we are very happy that the Advisory Board continues and our mailing list has not shrunk. Contact the Director if you would like to be added to this mailing list.

With this excellent cast, ISLP will continue its mission of, in Carol's words, "aiding those interested in the development of statistical literacy around the world," (IASE Matters, Autumn 2006). ISLP will be conducting statistical literacy activities in zones of the world where its mother associations, the IASE ( and ISI (, hold meetings and in other countries. Our first international activity will be held in communities and schools in Northern Portugal during the period of the Satellite meeting in Guimarães and the 56th Session of ISI in Lisbon. We are working in cooperation with several national organizations and schools in Portugal to make these activities as much fun and educational as possible. Look at the ISLP web page to keep in touch with the progress of these activities. If you would like the name of your organization to appear as sponsor of any of these activities, please let the Director know.

For a more detailed description of the plans for the near future of the ISLP, please read the IASE Review, 2006, Section 5 (

We really hope you will find the IASE activities and web site inspiring and helpful in your own statistical literacy efforts, and hope that you will contact us with information, questions, and requests for aid in your efforts.

Please contact the Director ( if you have any problems accessing your web site or have any other question.

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