Technology Innovations in Statistics Education: A New E-Journal

Rob Gould, UCLA

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 1 (Spring 2007)

The UCLA Department of Statistics' Center for Teaching Statistics is pleased to announce a new e-journal devoted to the intersection of statistics education and technology. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education (TISE) will launch in the Fall of 2007.

TISE is founded on the principle that we must teach students to become data scientists who can think about and reason with data. This requires that educators employ a variety of technologies to develop students' conceptual understanding and to give them the skills and tools needed to access and analyze data. TISE will publish scholarly papers that address any of these themes: designing technology to improve statistics education, using technology to develop conceptual understanding, and teaching the use of technology to gain insight into and access to data. The journal will also publish "technology innovations," which are either new technologies that improve statistics education or case studies that describe particularly innovative uses of existing technologies.

More information, including author guidelines and submission instructions, can be found at

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