The Stat Ed Booth is Back at JSM!

Deb Rumsey, The Ohio State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 2 (Fall 2007)

After a short hiatus, JSM 2007 marked the return of the Stat Ed Booth! Our booth was located near the registration area, along with other ASA related organizations and groups. This was a terrific location -- we received a great deal of traffic! Included amongst our many visitors were two famous statistics educators, George Cobb and Allan Rossman, pictured below.

The booth contained a variety of resources and information of interest to statistics educators from K-16. Items included information on GAISE, AIMS, STATS, the Undergraduate Statistics Poster Competition, CAUSE, the Statistics Teacher Network, STATCOM, and the new journal, Technology Innovations in Statistics Education.

We also offered a list of sessions at JSM sponsored by the Statistical Education Section and instructions for submitting a Topic Contributed Session for JSM 2008. On a more general level we also provided handouts giving specific information on statistics education-related conferences, journals, and organizations, and a collection of Useful Websites for Statistics Teachers. These handouts proved to be very popular. Next year more information on AP Stat will also be included.

Many interesting conversations were had by all who stopped by our booth. The Stat Ed Booth also became a "hang out" for the Stat Ed community, giving us a place to meet, and a place to 'check in' as we walked from one talk to another, which was great fun.

One item to think about for the future is adding more information on the Statistical Education Section itself, how others can get involved, and how any ASA member can benefit from joining our section. This is a good opportunity to add to our membership.

Many thanks to the many people who volunteered their time so willingly to make this booth possible! Everyone was very happy to answer questions, hand out materials, and point folks in the right direction. ASA was very supportive of us and brought many materials for display, including the winning posters. Rebecca Nichols and Claudine Donovan were especially helpful. A special thank you to Jessica Utts and Jo Hardin for their help. And a special thank you to Jerry Moreno, the founder and champion of the Stat Ed Booth. Not surprising to me, Jerry was there bright and early Sunday morning helping to set things up and offer his support!

The Statistical Education Section Executive Committee has decided that the position of Stat Ed Booth Organizer would be a great job for the 'at large' members of the Committee. This provides a definitive project for those members to work on, and also provides a mechanism for ensuring that the Stat Ed Booth will continue on a yearly basis.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions regarding the booth, please let me know. Until then, see you at the Stat Ed Booth at JSM 2008!

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