Report from the 2007 Program Chair

Patti Collings, Brigham Young University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 2 (Fall 2007)

We had a great JSM in Salt Lake City this summer. Many presenters provided information on how to improve statistical education in the classroom. Of special interest was the panel discussion on research in education. You may want to go to the web site and read the report that was discussed. Brad Hartlaub conducted a panel of Allan Rossman, Jeff Witmer, Jessica Utts and George Cobb on the 20/20 of statistical education. Hopefully, a transcript of this panel discussion will be posted on JSE.

Many benefited from the discussion on implementing GAISE in the classroom. The panelists Caroline Cuff, Jackie Dietz, Gary Kader, Dex Whittinghill and Caroline Dobler gave practical insights into how to do this. Attendees also enjoyed the sessions on technology in the classroom, NSF grant reports and others too numerous to go into detail here. If you feel you missed out, please plan to attend JSM 2008 in Denver.

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