Message from the Section Chair

Jessica Utts
University of California, Davis

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 12, Number 2 (Fall 2007)

As my term as Chair of the Section on Statistical Education comes to a close, I am going to be boring and echo the sentiment expressed by others who preceded me in this job, which is, thank you, thank you, thank you to our many volunteers who devote enormous time and energy to Statistical Education and to our Section activities! I would like to thank Patti Collings for organizing a fantastic array of sessions for the 2007 JSM, Jackie Miller for organizing wonderful round tables for the 2007 JSM and for ongoing work organizing our program for the 2008 JSM, Deb Rumsey for reinvigorating our Stat Ed booth at JSM (see below), Jackie Dietz for her work on the newsletter, web page and mailing list, Joan Garfield for her tremendous work on the newsletter, Ron Wasserstein for organizing the contributed paper award, the entire Executive Committee for doing their jobs so well, and perhaps most important of all to me, 2007 Past Chair Chris Franklin, who passed on her wisdom, advice and support throughout the year.

There is so much going on in Statistical Education and many of you already are engaged in activities at the local, national and even international level. For those of you who would like to be more involved in our Section, here are some ways you can contribute:

Nominate someone for the Waller Education Award
Thanks to a generous donation from former ASA Executive Director Ray Waller and his wife Carolyn, the Waller Education Award provides recognition to an individual who has been teaching full-time for ten or fewer years, and who has demonstrated innovation in the instruction of elementary statistics. Think about nominating a deserving statistics education innovator! Nominations for the 2008 Award are due by April 1, 2008. Details about the nomination process are on our Section website (

Volunteer to help at the Statistical Education Booth at JSM
The Stat Ed booth has returned! Thanks to Deb Rumsey (at-large member of the Executive Committee) we had a very successful and visible booth in a prominent location at the Salt Lake City Convention Center for the 2007 JSM. The booth wouldnít have been so successful without the volunteers who staffed it. With profound apologies for anyone I may have omitted, the volunteers were: John McKenzie, Dean Nelson, Bill Harkness, Amy Froelich, Bob Stephenson, Jackie Dietz, Carolyn Cuff, Deb Rumsey, David Loewen, Rob Gould, Jo Hardin, Neal Rogness, Roxy Peck, Kim Robinson, Sue Schou, Terry King, David Kriska, Mark Fulcomer, Jerry Morena, Dex Whittinghill, Brian Smith, Tom Short, Sandra Clarkson, Brian Jersky and Chris Franklin. If you are interested in volunteering to spend a few hours at the booth next year at the Denver JSM, let me know and Iíll make sure you get invited to do so.

Participate in Section Activities
If you are interested in getting more involved in Section activities, let a member of the Executive Committee know. Iím sure we can find a way to put you to work! If you have a suggestion for an activity you would like the Section to explore, let us know that as well.

Attend the Section Business Meeting at JSM
The Business Meeting is fun, free, and has food! Typically it takes place on Wednesday in the early evening at JSM, but watch the schedule for details each year. Itís a chance to meet old and new friends and colleagues, hear about Section activities and provide your ideas.

Thanks again to everyone who contributes to the success of the Section and to Statistical Education, including every single Section member.


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