New Editor for Teaching Statistics and Opportunities for Involvement

Roger Johnson, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 2008)

Gerald Goodall, editor of the journal Teaching Statistics over the last ten years, has decided to step down from this role. Gerald has, in fact, the distinction of being the longest serving editor of the journal; his predecessors, in chronological order, being Peter Holmes, David Green, and Neville Hunt. It is now my privilege, pleasure, and responsibility to serve the journal in this capacity.

The articles in Teaching Statistics are directed toward teachers of students ages roughly 9 - 19 and are generally no longer than four journal pages in length (about 2,500 words). The journal seeks to support not only specialist statistics teachers but also those in other disciplines who make widespread use of statistics in their teaching. Teaching Statistics seeks to inform, enlighten, stimulate, correct, entertain and encourage. Contributions should be light and readable with formal mathematics being kept to a minimum.

The Teaching Statistics homepage is available at All of the articles that have been published in Teaching Statistics (this goes back to 1979) are available electronically through the Blackwell Synergy site at A number of articles at this site, including the first issue of 2008 and the award-winning C. Oswald George articles, are available for download without charge. Furthermore, you may sign up for email alerts of, for example, the tables of contents of issues of Teaching Statistics at this Blackwell Synergy site. Teaching Statistics is published by Blackwell Publishing, now part of Wiley.

Please feel free to contact me at if you would like to have material considered for publication in the journal or would enjoy serving as a referee.

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