Newsletter of the Stat Ed Section - V13 N1

Newsletter of the Section on Statistical Education of the American Statistical Association

Contents of Volume 13, Number 1 (Spring 2008):
  • Report from the Chair
  • Editors
  • Mark Your Calendar
  • Report from the 2008 Program Chair
  • Lunch and Coffee Roundtables for JSM 2008
  • CAUSE Webinars
  • CATALST Group Invites Visitors and Sabbatical Scholars
  • New Editor for Teaching Statistics and Opportunities for Involvement
  • AP Statistics Update
  • International Statistical Literacy Project of the International Association for Statistical Education
  • 2009 Best Cooperative Project Award in Statistical Literacy: Call for Nominations
  • The 2nd International CensusAtSchool Workshop
  • STATCOM Network Engages Growing Number of Student Volunteers

  • Please send comments to the editors:
    Joan Garfield or Jackie Dietz
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