The Journal of Statistics Education Ė Some New and Some Old News

Bill Notz, Editor

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 2008)

I hope that most readers are familiar with the Journal of Statistics Education. For those who arenít, our editorial policy for the journal is the following.

The Journal of Statistics Education disseminates knowledge for the improvement of statistics education at all levels, including elementary, secondary, post-secondary, post-graduate, continuing, and workplace education. It is distributed electronically and, in accord with its broad focus, publishes articles that enhance the exchange of a diversity of interesting and useful information among educators, practitioners, and researchers around the world. The intended audience includes anyone who teaches statistics, as well as those interested in research on statistical and probabilistic reasoning. All submissions are rigorously refereed using a double-blind peer review process.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should be relevant to the mission of JSE. Possible topics for manuscripts include, but are not restricted to: curricular reform in statistics, the use of cooperative learning and projects, innovative methods of instruction, assessment, and research (including case studies) on students' understanding of probability and statistics, research on the teaching of statistics, attitudes and beliefs about statistics, creative and tested ideas (including experiments and demonstrations) for teaching probability and statistics topics, the use of computers and other media in teaching, statistical literacy, and distance education. Articles that provide a scholarly overview of the literature on a particular topic are also of interest. Reviews of software, books, and other teaching materials will also be considered, provided these reviews describe actual experiences using the materials.

The journal is published three times each year (March, July, and November). New issues are sent to members of the JSE Listserv (if you are not a member of the Listserv, send email to indicating that you would like to be added). Access to the journal is free at All papers are in html format and include internal and external links. Since 2007, we also provide a pdf version of each paper that can be viewed and downloaded. The advantage of the additional pdf version is that, for purposes of printing a copy, page breaks are at convenient places. Also, some symbols and equations look better in the pdf version. Html does not allow one to put characters above or below others and formulas that include symbols like or must be pasted in as images. Unfortunately, the resolution of these images is not always of the highest quality.

For those of you who are familiar with the journal, there are two new things that I hope you will find interesting. First, we have created a page that contains links to all applets and interactive Excel spreadsheets that have appeared in the journal. You can link to this page from the journalís home page (or from any page at the web site). Click on the "Interactive Computing Archive" link in the left margin. We hope that this will make it easier for teachers to locate useful applets. My thanks to Bob Stephenson at Iowa State University who put this page together.

Second, I plan to create a "best paper" prize for the journal. The prize would be enough to cover travel expenses to the Joint Statistical Meetings and two nights stay. This is still in development, but I would like to implement it in 2009. When finalized, I will send an announcement through the JSE Listserv.

JSE is the second journal I have edited. I have learned that the real work is done by the Associate Editors and referees. The quality of the reviews determines the quality of the journal, and JSE is fortunate to have a superb editorial board, who recruit great referees. Thanks to all who have contributed to the journal.

Journal of Statistics Education

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