Report on JSM 2009

Peter Westfall, Program Chair, Section on Statistical Education

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 13, Number 2 (Fall 2008)

We have four interesting invited sessions for JSM 2009:

  1. Teaching Bayesian Statistics to Non-Statisticians, with speakers Byron Gajewski, Andrew Gelman, Delene Stangl, and Greg Allenby; Joe Gonzalez will chair.
  2. Statistics in the "Research Methods" Courses, with speakers Mary Mays, Sam Woolford, Patricia Rutledge, and Mari Palta; Deborah Dawson will chair.
  3. Who is Teaching the Statistics Courses?, with speakers Paul Fields, Bob delMas, Adriana Perez, and Satterlee, Aaron; Katherine Halvorsen will chair.
  4. Stirring the Pot: Radical Ideas in Statistics Education, speakers are Thaddeus Tarpey, David Zeitler, Erin Blankenship, and Andrew Zieffler; Chair is Lorrie Hoffman.
We submitted two competition sessions, but sadly neither was selected. Nevertheless, the competition sessions that were organized, and others that many Stat-Ed-ers have sent me, would make great Topic Contributed Sessions. Please consider organizing a Topic Contributed Session for 2009 JSM. These sessions allow more time for speakers, are better attended, and have greater impact than the ordinary contributed sessions.

Please contact me at if you have any questions, and see you at JSM2009!

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