SILC: Statistics Instructors Lost in Cyberspace

Michelle Everson, University of Minnesota

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2009)

Do you teach statistics in the online environment?

Have you ever wanted to talk to other online statistics instructors about your experiences teaching in this environment?

A new discussion group called "Statistics Instructors Lost in Cyberspace" has been set up using Google Groups, and we invite online statistics instructors to join this group by coming to This group was set up in order to connect online statistics instructors and provide a place for them to share ideas and resources. It's also meant to be a place where those of us who teach online can support one another, collaborate, and commiserate. Teaching online can pose many unique challenges and opportunities for the statistics instructor, and sometimes it's nice to share these things with others who understand, and to get new ideas about the many things that can be done in the online statistics course.

If you would like more information about this group, please contact Michelle Everson at Those interested in teaching online may also want to become involved in the USCOTS cluster "Teaching Statistics in the Online World." If you will be attending USCOTS this year, you can sign up for this cluster at the time you register for the conference. The cluster will be co-led by Michelle Everson from the University of Minnesota and David Zeitler from Grand Valley State University.

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