Report from the Chair

Bob delMas
University of Minnesota

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2009)

Serving as chair of the Section on Statistical Education is an exciting opportunity, and I have already been busy having submitted letters of support for several Strategic Initiative proposals related to statistics education. I want to thank everyone on the Sectionís Executive Committee for the time they took to read over the proposals and provide feedback. I also want to thank Jessica Utts and Linda Young for their guidance as past chairs and willingness to answer my questions. I am also very fortunate to have another past chair, Joan Garfield, just down the hall from my office!

At this time I want to recognize and thank the individuals who have completed their terms and rotated off the Executive Committee:
Jessica Utts (2007 Chair)
Jackie Miller (2008 Program Chair)
Carolyn Cuff (Council of Sections Representative)
Rob Gould (Member at Large)
Norean Radtke Sharpe (Member at Large)

And to welcome the new Executive Committee who start their terms this year:
Tisha Hooks (2010 Program Chair)
Deb Nolan (Council of Sections Representative)
Nick Horton (Member at Large)

One of the major developments for the Section was the revision of our Mission Statement and the creation of a set of Strategic Objectives, both of which have been posted to the Section website ( I want to thank the Executive Committee members for their hard work in drafting these items, and all of the Section members who took the time to read through the documents and provide feedback. Special thanks goes to Linda Young who oversaw and orchestrated the meetings and obtained the needed funding, and to Jessica Utts who offered her leadership, collected the feedback from Section members, and incorporated it into the final versions of both documents. Both the Mission Statement and Strategic Objectives provide guidance to the Executive Committee as we consider requests for endorsements and funding, and we have already put them to good use.

One of the projects I will work on this year is a revision of the Section website. I will be working with Jackie Dietz and Carmen Acuna to streamline the information on the website so that it is more aligned with the needs and interests of Section members. We have already started a discussion about possible changes, and we appreciate any and all input from Section members.

I am looking forward to the year ahead, and thank you for the opportunity to serve the Section on Statistical Education as chair.

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