David S. Moore
IASE Past President
Purdue University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1995)

The International Statistical Institute (ISI) is the primary organization devoted to international cooperation and integration in statistics. ISI was founded in 1885 and has had its headquarters in the Netherlands since 1913. ISI has several "sections," or affiliated societies, devoted to specific aspects of statistics with emphasis on international cooperation. The newest of these is IASE, the International Association for Statistical Education.

IASE is devoted to the improvement of statistical education at all levels, from schools to post-graduate training, with emphasis on international cooperation and exchange. The association sponsors regular international conferences, provides its members with several publications, and administers ISI efforts to assist statistical education in developing countries. These efforts are supported primarily by grants from UNESCO, supplemented by IASE's own revenue from members' dues. IASE may be the only professional society with statistical education as its primary emphasis.

IASE's main conferences are the every-four-years International Conference on the Teaching of Statistics (ICOTS) and Roundtable Conference. ICOTS-4 took place in July, 1994 in Marrakech, Morocco. ICOTS-5 will be held in 1998, probably in Singapore. The Roundtable

Conferences are small special-topic meetings held as satellites to the International Conferences on Mathematics Education. The next Roundtable will take place in Granada, Spain, in July, 1996. IASE will on occasion also sponsor conferences as satellites to the biennial

sessions of ISI itself. Such a conference was held in Perugia, Italy in 1993. IASE members receive reduced registration fees at all IASE conferences, and also at meetings of ISI.

IASE members receive ISI's informative newsletter three times yearly (there is an IASE report in each), a longer report, the IASE Review, as warranted, and the ISI journals International Statistical Review, Short Book Reviews, and International Report on International Statistics (ARIS). The thrice-yearly International Statistical Review, ISI's main journal, has been redesigned as a review journal that publishes articles of broad interest to statisticians. The first 1995 issue will contain four papers on statistical education, collected under the auspices of IASE. Short Book Reviews, currently shipped with the International Statistical Review, provides short reviews of statistical books very soon after their publication. ARIS offers a unique annual review of the activities of the statistical offices of the United Nations and other international agencies, of the ISI itself, and of many national statistical societies.

Membership in IASE is available to all who are interested in supporting statistical education. Dues for 1995 are 70 Dutch Guilders (U.S. $39.12). Membership is not only a bargain, but helps support statistical education in developing countries. IASE offers reduced rates (38 as opposed to 70 Guilders) to members in developing countries, and also offers low-cost institutional memberships with various advantages to institutions in those countries. We hope that ASA members with contacts in developing countries will pass on word of IASE's interest in assisting statistical education.

Look in the Journal of Statistics Education electronic archive for the latest issue of the IASE Review, which contains a membership application as well as details about the 1996 Roundtable Conference and the proceedings from the Perugia conference, and other IASE news. Send e-mail to the address archive@jse.stat.ncsu.edu with the two line message:

send index

send access.methods

for full information about the archive. Alternatively, I will be pleased to post a copy of the IASE Review to any who contact me at:

David S. Moore
Department of Statistics
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1399
FAX: (317) 494-0558

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