Christine E. McLaren
1994 Section Program Chair
Moorhead State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1995)

This year the Section on Statistical Education sponsored two invited paper sessions, five contributed paper sessions, and a roundtable luncheon.

The first invited session entitled Improving Teaching of Graduate Level Statistics Service Courses was held on Tuesday, August 16, at 2:00 p.m. The organizer of the session was Ronald Marks of The University of Florida. David M. Nickerson of the University of Central Florida was chair of the session. Papers given included, "Helping Students Create Value for Statistical Thinking," by Ronald D. Snee; "Motivating Students to Learn in Statistics Service Courses," by Ronald G. Marks; and "Teaching Graduate Service Courses Through Case Studies," by Fred Ramsey and Daniel Schafer.

Katherine Halvorsen of Smith College organized the second invited session, The First Day of Class, held on Thursday, August 18, at 8:30 a.m. Donald L. Bentley presented "My First Day's Lectures: Past and Present". Robin Lock presented "Tricks of the Trade: Getting Going the First Day." Douglas A. Zahn's paper was "A Brain-Friendly First Day of Class". The final paper was presented by Fletcher Blanchard, "What Should You Do the First Day: How to Motivate and Set Goals".

Robin Lock organized the roundtable luncheons that were held Wednesday, August 17, at 12:30 p.m. Participants and their subjects were George Cobb, "Teaching Statistics as One of the Humanities," ; Elizabeth M. Eltinge, "The Activity Based Statistics Project"; John D. McKenzie, Jr., "Using Today's Technology to Achieve the Objectives of an Applied Statistics Course"; Thomas L. Moore, "Future Projects and Issues for the Statistical Education Section"; W. Robert Stephenson, "Trials and Tribulations of Large Lecture Statistics: How Do We Get Students Involved?"; and Joe H. Ward, Jr., "Adopt-A-School Program: Making Connections with Your Local School".

Contributed sessions included "Demonstrating Statistical Concepts Using Computers, Graphics and Geometry"; "Programs and Techniques For Teaching Data Analysis and Interpretation"; "Statistical Education for Business and Industry"; "Improved Methods for Statistical Instruction, Teacher Training, and Evaluation"; and "Teaching Statistics Problems and Solutions ". In addition, the Section held a Poster Session on Tuesday August 16.

The sessions were very well attended and appreciated. We thank the organizers for their hard work in preparing these diverse and interesting sessions. For further information contact:

Chris McLaren
until June 2, 1995 at
Department of Mathematics
University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland 4072
FAX: 61-7-870-2272

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