Jerry Moreno
Editor, The Statistics Teacher Network Newsletter
John Carroll University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1995)

The Statistics Teacher Network Newsletter is published three times a year by the Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the American Statistical Association. The first issue was in September 1982. There are currently over 7000 subscribers to the newsletter, and although the primary audience is elementary and secondary school teachers, about 25% of the subscribers are at colleges and universities.

The newsletter contains reviews of books, software programs, and video statistical material. It also includes articles on successful statistical activities that have been implemented in the classroom as well as information concerning conferences or workshops on statistics.

Some recent book reviews were on "The Cartoon Guide to Statistics" by Larry Gonick and Woollcott Smith, "Data Analysis: An Introduction" by Jeffrey Witmer, and "The Art of Science Writing" by Dale Worsley and Bernadette Mayer along with the UCSMP (University of Chicago School Mathematics Project) text on "Functions, Statistics and Trigonometry" and the text "Introduction to Algebra and Statistics" of the Ohio Math Project.

Articles have included teachers describing how they have implemented statistics into their mathematics curriculum, descriptions of Quantitative Literacy workshops and projects such as the statewide program in Pennsylvania, and details of specific activities that have excited students about statistics.

"Statistics Workshop" from Wings and "Understanding Statistics" from the Centre for Statistical Education were the latest software reviews along with articles on the HP 48 and TI 81 calculators.

Also of interest are announcements of workshops such as those in Quantitative Literacy, the Woodrow Wilson summer institutes in statistics and probability, and the names of winners of the annual poster and project competitions.

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