David Robinson
St. Cloud State University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1995)

The Undergraduate Data Analysis Contest was held in St. Cloud, Minnesota, on October 27, 1994. Fourteen individual or team entries were presented on that day, comprised of 22 students representing 10 midwestern universities and colleges. Each entry chose from among four preselected data sets, submitted a written summary in advance of the Contest, and made a presentation on the day of the Contest. The entries were reviewed by a panel of five judges, representing different segments of the statistics profession: Chris Nachtsheim, Mike O'Fallon, Bill Rolfes, Sandy Weisberg, and Dan Zelterman.

All participants were well prepared and gave interesting presentations. Generous sponsorship was received from the American Statistical Association and the following sections: Biometrics, Biopharmaceutical, Business and Economic Statistics, Physical and Engineering Sciences,

Statistical Consulting, Statistical Computing, Statistical Education, and Statistical Graphics. From this sponsorship, a total of eight cash prizes were awarded at three different levels. Because of a tie for the top position, two first place awards were made. There was also a second place and five third place awards. Winona State University was the school with the most entries (four), and also received the most awards, achieving a first, second, and two third places from its four entries. Certificates were presented to each participant, as well as to the school of each winning team. Below are the members of each of the winning teams:

Two $1000 Grand Prizes (to be awarded at the National ASA Meetings in Orlando next August):

* Simeon Simeonov and Patrik Muzila from

Macalaster College

* Cynthia Woreck from Winona State University

One $500 Second Prize (to be awarded at the National ASA Meetings in Orlando next August):

* Darin Schuette from Winona State University

Five $100 Third Prizes:

* Sharon Cebula from Winona State University

* Renee Cusick, Craig Dassow, Julie Ohmes, and

Robert Soria from Kansas State University

* Jeff Gudmundson from Winona State University

* Sean Potter from St. Cloud State University

* Nancy Van Walleghem and Brent Hoeppner from

University of Manitoba

The day also featured addresses by invited speakers Robert Hogg (University of Iowa) and Ronald Iman (Sandia Labs and President of ASA). Drawings were held for textbooks (authored by Drs. Hogg and Iman) and statistical software. Thanks to Wadsworth Publishing Company and Minitab, Inc. for their donations for this drawing.

All participants were enthusiastic in their support of the continuation of the Contest in future years. Several options are being considered for the format of next year's contest, involving location, time of year, regional or national competitions, and prizes. Input and ideas concerning this format are earnestly being sought by David Robinson, coordinator for this year's contest. Please contact him at:

David Robinson
St. Cloud State University
Dept. of Statistics
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498
Phone: (612) 255-2149
FAX: 612-255-4262

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