Tom Moore
1995 Section Chair
Grinnell College

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 1 (Winter 1995)

Welcome to Volume 1, Number 1!

This summer the executive committee of the Section decided to publish a newsletter for section members. They had batted this idea around for several years, off and on. Most thought it was a good idea and something that could serve section members well but also something that no one seemed to have the energy to begin. This summer Carol Blumberg and Joan Garfield approached the committee with an offer beyond refusing: they were willing to edit such a newsletter. So we accept their offer and thank them for their enthusiasm.

As incoming chair I thought it would be good to be part of the newsletter effort so I have volunteered to help with the editing chores. The three of us have come up with a tentative mission statement that tries to capture the essence of the discussion that ensued this past August when the executive committee discussed the newsletter concept: The Newsletter will provide section members with: (1) short descriptions and references to resources where they can learn about new ideas in how to teach or how people learn statistics, (2) news items about current happenings in the teaching of statistics that are of interest to teachers of statistics but are not directly applicable to classroom practice, and (3) actual descriptions of teaching ideas.

So, for example, (1) might include short reviews of articles of special interest to the statistics teacher, (2) could include announcements of meetings and conferences, and (3) could include a short description of a novel way to teach a certain concept. This mission statement is at this point evolving and we urge readers to tell us if it misses the mark in any way and how we might improve it.

Another decision we made this summer was that this first year we would publish two newsletters and that we would evaluate the enterprise after this year. You, the readers and members of the section, are the key to this latter goal -- you will evaluate the effectiveness and worth. If you have any questions or comments, contact any of the editors.

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