Joan Garfield
University of Minnesota

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1995)

A working roundtable conference on assessment and statistics education, organized by Iddo Gal and Joan Garfield and funded by the National Science Foundation, was held at the University of Pennsylvania in September, 1994. This two-day conference included 36 individuals representing the areas of mathematics education, statistics, educational assessment, and curriculum development. Teachers of statistics at the elementary, secondary, and college level were also included, as were directors of major statistics curriculum projects at all educational levels.

Five working groups met to discuss issues related to assessment of student learning of data analysis and probability, issues involved in large scale assessment, training of teachers to use alternative assessment, and the role of technology in assessing student learning. Various publications and reports will be forthcoming based on discussions and working group reports. Iddo and Joan are also editing a handbook on Assessment and Statistics Education which includes chapters on many of these topics as well as examples of good assessment practice. For more information, contact

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