Robin Lock
1995 Section Program Chair
St. Lawrence University

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1995)

Going to Orlando this summer? If so, plan on going early and staying late. The statistical Education Section is sponsoring a full range of sessions at the 1995 Joint Statistical Meetings. We are starting earlier than usual with a contributed paper session on "Applying Statistics to Study Statistics Teaching" at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 13 and running through an invited paper session featuring Bob Hogg, Alexander Kugashev, R.J. McKay, and Wayne Olford discussing "Whither the Undergraduate Math Stat Course?" at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 17. In between we have six more contributed paper sessions, a poster session, a second invited paper session, and several options from which to choose a roundtable luncheon.

Monday's activities begin with contributed papers in the 8:30 a.m. time slot "Connecting Statistics to the Real World". Be sure to sign up for a roundtable luncheon session moderated by Joan Garfield, Thomas Short, Rosemary Roberts, Christine McLaren, Frederick Morgan, Jack Shepler, Anne Sevin, or Carol Blumberg at 12:30 on Monday. These are an excellent opportunity to talk with an "expert" on a given topic and meet other participants with similar interests. But don't linger too long over lunch or you'll miss the contributed papers giving you lots of hints for doing "Projects, Demonstrations, Experiments, and Activities" at 2:00.

More contributed papers are set for 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, focusing on "Approaches for Teaching Particular Topics". These are followed by twelve exhibits on various aspects of statistical education in the poster session at noon. Tuesday afternoon is computer time, with Mike Meyer and Paul Marsh showing us some "Internet Resources for Teaching Statistics" in an invited session at 2:00, followed by a session of contributed papers on "Using Computers in Teaching Statistics" at 4:00.

Since you'll already have made it to two 8:30 sessions, you might sleep in a bit on Wednesday, but get going in time to find out about "Issues in the Teaching of Statistics to Minority Students" at a session organized by Martha Aliaga at 10:30. "New Approaches for Teaching Special Audiences" will round out our contributed paper sessions at 2:00 on Wednesday.

In addition to the sixty-five papers and presentations directly sponsored by the Section on Statistical Education, a number of other sessions have important connections to statistics teaching and will be co-sponsored by our section.

In particular, you should consider attending the Continuing Education Workshop "Classroom Activities for Promoting Quantitative Literacy" from 1 -- 5 p.m. on Sunday, August 13. Shail Butani of the Bureau of Labor Statistics who is also the Quantitative Literacy coordinator for the Washington Statistical Society has put together an instructional team of statisticians and teachers, all of whom have been involved in QL in the DC area. They will show us how we can get involved in schools in our own locales and give us practical examples of what activities work at the various levels of K-12.

Toss in the ASA mixers, the Stat Ed Section's Business Meeting, visiting the book exhibits, and you may find that you need to schedule a couple of extra days before or after the meetings if you want to get a chance to say hello to Mickey. Details on all sessions can be found in the preliminary schedule published by ASA.

For further information please contact

Robin Lock
1995 Statistical Education Program Chair
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St. Lawrence University
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