Jeff Witmer, Editor
Oberlin College

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 1, Number 2 (Summer 1995)

STATS is the student magazine of ASA. All student members of ASA and many statistics teachers (and others) get STATS which is intended to generate interest and enthusiasm for statistics, to attract students to the profession, and to foster a sense of professional identity among student members of ASA. Feature articles in STATS are non-technical and cover a wide variety of areas of application. They showcase the contributions of statisticians by presenting a scientific problem and the nature of interaction between the statistician and others working on the problem.

For example, recent issues of STATS have included feature articles on the following topics: Applying statistics to human genetics; How to choose a graduate school; Statistics and the California lottery; What to do at the annual meetings; Using statistics to predict outcomes of college hockey games; and Statistical evaluation of Renaissance art objects.

In addition to feature articles, STATS has several departments. The department "On the Job" gives an hour-by-hour account of a day in the life of a statistician, with a different statistician profiled in each issue. "Ask Dr. STATS" is an advice column, while "Student Voices" presents student accounts of internship and consulting experiences. In each issue we describe the career path of a famous statistician in the department "Life and Hard Times of a Statistician." We have recently added the department "Featured Project," in which we publish a report from students who completed a project as part of a statistics class. We also have a humor section called "Outlier...s."

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