Chirta Gunawardena
University of Wisconsin Center Fox Valley

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 2, Number 2 (Summer 1996)

Thinking of going to San Diego in January? If so, plan on making a presentation at the National MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Meeting to be held as part of the Joint Mathematics Meetings (co-sponsored by MAA and the American Mathematical Society (AMS)) in San Diego, January 8-11, 1997.

The MAA contributed paper sessions will include a session on statistics: Teaching the Practice of Statistics at All Levels. The session is organized by Chitra Gunawardena (University of Wisconsin Center Fox Valley), K.L.D. Gunawardena (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh) and Anne Sevin (Framingham State College).

The session will present papers related to teaching the practice of statistics at all levels especially in courses besides introductory courses. For this session, the organizers invite papers which focus on teaching statistics to mathematics majors, use of technology in statistics courses, and innovative teaching techniques. Submission of proposals via e-mail is preferred by the organizers (

Please refer to the June issue of Focus (an MAA publication) for more details about abstract submission guidelines. Some information is also available on the MAA home page:

For further information please contact:

Chitra Gunawardena
Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin Center Fox Valley
Menasha, WI 54956
Phone: (414) 832-2638

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