The annual business meeting of the Section on Statistical Section will be held on Wednesday, August 7 at 6:00 p.m.. Please see the final Joint Statistical Meetings program for the location.
A meeting of Isolated Statisticians will take place on Sunday, August 4 at 7:00 p.m. during the Joint Statistical Meetings.

Web Version Note: The meeting will be held in the San Francisco room of the Hyatt hotel.

Although those who have attended these annual meetings of Isolated Statisticians in the past are mostly academicians, anyone who feels isolated is most welcome. Please see the final Joint Statistical Meetings program for the meeting location. When the Isolated Statisticians meeting is finished, small groups will be formed for those wishing to go to dinner. For further information, please contact:

Jeff Witmer
Mathematics Department
Oberlin College
Oberlin OH 44074
Phone: (216) 775-8381
Fax: (216) 775-8124

After the Joint Statistical Meetings are over, many of you will be sent a questionnaire by the ASA Committee on Meetings. Please take the time to fill out this questionnaire out. It helps everyone involved in the program planning meet the needs of ASA members.
Christine McLaren has recently assumed the position of Editor of Stats magazine. Please see the article by Jeff Witmer in Volume 1, Number 2 of this newsletter for details about the type of articles contained in Stats. Anyone wishing to submit articles for Stats should contact:

Christine E. McLaren
Department of Mathematics
Moorhead State University
Moorhead MN 56563
Phone: (218) 236-4004
Fax: (218) 236-2168

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