Newsletter of the Stat Ed Section - V2N2

Newsletter of the Section on Statistical Education Section of the American Statistical Association

Contents of Volume 2 Number 2:

  • Important Note to All Readers
  • Section Chair's Message
  • Subscription Information
  • Short Announcements
  • "World Wide Web Home Page" by Tim Hesterberg
  • "Statistics Education Sessions at the Chicago Meeting" by Allan Rossman
  • "1996 American Statistics Team Project Competition" by Linda J. Young
  • "RSS Centre for Statistical Education" by Anne Hawkins
  • "Special Issue of Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics: Teaching Statistics" by Betsy Jane Becker
  • "Report on the Conference 'Trends in Introductory Applied Statistics Courses: Topics, Techniques, and Technology'" by Anne D. Sevin
  • "Midwest Conference on Teaching Statistics" by K.L.D. Gunawardena
  • "MAA Statistics Contributed Paper Session" by Chitra Gunawardena

  • Please send comments to the editors: Carol Joyce Blumberg, Joan Garfield, or Tom Moore.
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