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All members of the Section on Statistical Education are automatically sent a hard copy of this newsletter. ASA members can receive a hard copy by simply joining the Section on Statistical Education the next time they renew their ASA membership (Dues are only $3.00). Non-members of ASA may receive a hard copy by sending $8.00 along with Name, Complete Mailing Address (if within the U.S.A. please include your 9-digit zip code), Telephone, Fax, and e-mail address to:

Maria Argana
American Statistical Association
732 North Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-1943.


Anyone wishing to receive the newsletter electronically should contact Carol Joyce Blumberg at:
Please make sure to include your name and complete e-mail address in your message. All issues of the newsletter are also available on the World Wide Web (see article on Page 2)

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