Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 3, Number 1 (Winter 1997)

Place Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dates June 21 - 26, 1998

Theme Statistical Education - Expanding the Network

The International Conferences on Teaching Statistics are organized by the International Association for Statistical Education, the IASE, which is a section of the International Statistics Institute, the ISI. These are the most important international conferences on the teaching of statistics and are held in different locations around the world once every four years. They bring together several hundred statistics educators and practitioners, including those from schools, colleges and universities, industries and governments.

General objectives for ICOTS-5--To provide opportunities for educators throughout the world to expand their network in statistical education and encourage a worldwide exchange of ideas. In particular the conference aims to create opportunities for networking in technology with modern methods in the teaching of statistics, school and tertiary statistical education at all levels, the wider community with statistical educators, statistical education with the forefront of statistical practice, the exchange of ideas for teaching statistics between and within developing and developed countries, educational research results and the practice of teaching statistics

It is planned to include keynote speakers, invited speakers, contributed papers, workshops and forums for the exchange of ideas, demonstration lessons, roundtable sessions, poster sessions, book and software displays, hands-on computer sessions, many opportunities for personal communication and exchange of experiences, and ideas and for networking.

The conference will focus on several main topic areas which are detailed below. Each topic area is broken down into a number of sessions, each with its own convener. The topic areas, conveners and email addresses are:

1. Statistical education at the school level (Elementary level, secondary level, teacher training, local teachers) Lionel Pereira-Mendoza;

2. Statistical education at the post-secondary level (Introductory statistics, mathematical statistics, design and analysis of experiments, regression and correlation, Bayesian methods, categorical data analysis, sample survey design and analysis) Richard Scheaffer;

3. Statistical education for people in the workplace (Statistical consultancy, continuing education, distance education, total quality) Kerstin Vannman;

4. Statistical education and the wider society (Statistical Societies, statistical literacy, publications, legal contexts, journalists, informed society) Anne Hawkins;

5. An international perspective of statistical education (African region, Asian region, Spanish speaking, Other developing regions) James Ntozi;

6. Research in teaching statistics (Junior levels, senior school levels, post-secondary levels, probability) Joan Garfield;

7. The role of technology in the teaching of statistics (Software design, teaching experiments, graphics calculators, visualization, research, multi-media and WWW) Rolf Biehler;

8. Other determinants and developments in statistical education (Cultural/historical factors, learning factors, assessment, gender factors, projects/competitions)

Guiseppe Cicchitelli;

9. Contributed papers: Shir-Ming Shen ;

10. Poster sessions: Peng Yee Lee;

There was a good response to the earlier call for papers and some of the sessions are already closed, but there is still room for speakers in a number of sessions. If you are interested in presenting a paper at ICOTS-5 please submit an abstract, 300-500 words, to the relevant topic convener or to the Chair of the International Program Committee (B. Phillips--see below) by February 28, 1997. Invited speakers are expected to present their current work rather than information that has already been published or presented at a previous conference.

In sessions which deal with teaching particular courses, speakers should focus on key issues and perhaps information about evaluation of the courses, rather than course details or syllabus descriptions, which could be provided on a handout if necessary.

Normally each individual is restricted to at most two major speaking appearances in the program. There are no funds to assist speakers and they are expected to register for the conference. Once the overall program has been determined, official invitations to participate will be issued to speakers by the International Program Committee. This is to ensure a balanced program and to give as many people as possible the opportunity of involvement in the meeting.

Because of the limited number of speakers who can be accepted for each session, people whose abstracts are not accepted will be referred to other relevant session conveners and/or the contributed paper and poster sessions conveners.

Note: Anyone who wants to run a special session such as a special interest group discussion or demonstration/training session should contact the IPC Chair (B. Phillips) for consideration.

At a number of places throughout the program it is intended to have some "networking opportunities", in line with the conference theme. The idea here is to give people time for developing links between people both within their own area of special interest and between several areas. In these sessions participants will have the opportunity to form groups for ongoing communication Examples of what could be achieved in these sessions include organizing electronic discussion groups and planning what information people would like to see on a WWW page to help them expand their network in those areas of statistical education. These ideas could be used as the basis for future meetings such as round table meetings and ICOTS. At the closing session a summary of the main findings could be presented.

For further information contact the WWW site at or:
Chair IPC, Brian Phillips
Swinburne University of Technology
School of Mathematical Sciences
P.O. Box 218
Hawthorn 3122
Victoria, Australia
+61 3 9214-8288
Fax: +61 3 9819-0821
Chair LOC (Local Organizing Committee) Teck-Wong Soon
Singapore contact, Lionel Pereira-Mendoza

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