Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 3, Number 2 (Summer 1997)

If you are interested in organizing an invited session for the section for the Joint Statistical Meetings in Dallas 1998, please let Jerry Moreno, the 1998 Program Chair for the Section on Statistical Education, know as soon as possible. He needs to have topics and organizers identified by early fall, but preferably by the time of the Joint Statistical Meetings in Anaheim. An invited paper session has a maximum of four speakers or three speakers and a discussant on a common theme. One such theme should surely be in the technology area. Other session formats, such a panel, are possible. These other formats can have up to five participants plus the session chair. For further information contact Jerry Moreno at:
Dept of Mathematics
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH 44118;
(216) 397-4681

The annual meeting of Isolated Statisticians will take place on Sunday, August 10 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the California B room at the Hilton during the Joint Statistical Meetings. Although those who have attended these annual meetings of Isolated Statisticians in the past are mostly academicians, anyone who feels isolated is most welcome. For further information, please contact:
Dex Whittinghill
Dept. of Mathematics
Rowan University
Glassboro, NJ 08028
(609) 256-4500 x 3879

The Statistics Teacher Network newsletter, which is published three times a year by the ASA/NCTM Joint Committee on the Curriculum in Statistics and Probability, is now available on the web. Thanks are due to Tom Short of Villanova who will prepare the web versions and to Mike Meyer and Bruce Trumbo who are the ASA webmasters. The winter issue is up and the spring issue will be included shortly. Check it out at For more information contact:
Jerry Moreno
Chair STN newsletter
Dept of Mathematics
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH 44118
(216) 397-468

The Undergraduate Data Analysis Contest is back after taking a year off. In order to make the contest more accessible this year, the first two rounds of judging will be based solely on students' written analyses of the data set. The third round will take place at the 1998 Joint Statistical Meetings. Please contact Ken Suman at as soon as possible if you are interested in judging and/or anticipate having students from your institution interested in participating. This information will be important as the coordinators seek funding. Contest rules, deadlines, and the contest data set are available on the contest's WWW site at

The second announcement for the International Conference on Teaching Statistics (ICOTS5), which will be held in Singapore from June 21 to 26, 1998, will soon be available. It contains, among other things, some details of the scientific program including a list of the invited talks (as known at the end of May, 1997), fees, information on accommodation, tours, and registration forms. As further information on the scientific program becomes available, it will be placed on the Web page: The announcement will also be made available on the WWW at If you would like to receive a hard copy of the announcement please contact the ICOTS-5 Secretariat:
Conference & Travel Associates Pty Ltd
425A Race Course Rd
Tel: (65) 299 8992
Fax: (65) 299 8983

The International Study Group for Research on Learning Probability and Statistics is an informal network of researchers from around the world who share information and keep informed of current publications and presentations through an electronic newsletter. The newsletters, edited by Carmen Batanero at The University of Granada, are available either by email or on the World Wide Web. Those wishing to receive the newsletter electronically should contact Carmen Batanero at The WWW version is available from the Journal of Statistics Education server at

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