Contents of
Volume 3 Number 2:
  • Message from the Section Chair
  • Editors
  • Attention K-12 School Members
  • Subscription Information
  • New Lead Editor Needed!
  • Short Announcements
  • "Section on Statistical Education Plans for 1997 Joint Meetings" by Roxy Peck
  • "Spotlight on David Moore" by Sherry A. Wasserstein
  • "Statistics Education Resources on the World Wide Web" by Steven Rein
  • "On Statistics Programs" by Robert V. Hogg
  • "ASA Advises NCTM on K-12 Standards Update" by Tom Moore
  • "Current Activities of ASA's Center for Statistical Education" by Chris Maley
  • "Science Education and Quantitative Literacy" by Jeff Witmer
  • "PME (Psychology of Mathematics Education) Working Group on the Teaching and Learning of Statistics" by John Truran
  • "American Educational Research Association and Statistics Education" by Patricia L. Busk
  • "Some Impressions of the IASE Roundtable: The Use of Technology in Teaching Statistics" by J. Laurie Snell
  • "ASA Involvement in the High School Mathematics Competitions" by Don Bentley
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