Bradley A. Hartlaub
Kenyon College

Newsletter for the Section on Statistical Education
Volume 4, Number 1 (Winter 1998)

As organizer of the roundtable luncheons for the Section on Statistical Education at the 1998 JSM in Dallas I am writing to solicit your ideas and ask for volunteers to lead the roundtable discussions. A typical roundtable luncheon consists of about ten people at a table with a leader who has been chosen and announced in advance. If you were that leader, you would lead a discussion on your topic with those at your table. Some handouts are usually helpful. Your basic responsibility would be to get the discussion started, let all the members at your table who want to contribute comments have the chance to do so, keep the discussion moving and on target, and summarize the discussion at closing, if appropriate. By the way, lunch is free for discussion leaders!

The list of roundtable discussion topics for the JSM in Dallas will include:

  1. What Should We Do Instead of a Math Stat Course? David Hull, Ohio Wesleyan U.
  2. An Intuitive Approach to Including More Nonparametric Methods in the Introductory Statistics Course. Douglas A. Wolfe, Ohio State University.
  3. Activity-Based Mathematical Statistics. Karla Ballman, Macalester.
  4. AP Statistics (subtopic to be determined). Katherine Halverson, Smith College

We would also like to include discussions on the following topics: assessment, technology, course projects, QL (Quantitative Literacy) and the K-12 curriculum, and university-wide data analysis or quantitative literacy requirements. If you are interested in being the luncheon discussion leader for any of these topics, or any other topic that you think is interesting in the area of statistical education, please contact me.

Bradley A. Hartlaub
Kenyon College
Gambier, OH 43022
(614) 433-9879

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